Rand Paul etc Rally Airfield Elizabethtown KY 11-1-2022


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So I went, but I stopped at Staples, had a few minutes, so I had the girls put together a simple sign, one side


The other side I put


to be inclusive. Ended up the girls charged me 6 bucks, they laminated it on foam board so I didn't need a stick.

I got to the airfield about 10:45, they asked to show up at 11:00 the plane landed about 11:15. They had some state and local Republican workers just a few.

Typical amount of candidates. When I first showed up it was a hand full of women and one other guy. We were notified at about noon yesterday that this was happening so it was not a scheduled thing, I am guessing last minute to rally the vote for the down ticket. Brett Guthrie was there, the guy I punked almost ten years ago, my congressional rep. I said, hey do you remember me, and he said of course, GRINGO, using my real first name. lol lol. More later.

More and more people showed up so we had a decent crowd. Normally I wear a dress shirt and slacks to this type of thing, but I went full stolen glory so the veteran sign would be photographed and in the local paper. So when I get ahold of the pictures don't punk me, it was a costume! I had on my old patrol cap with the bullet hole, jeans a CIB tshirt and a black levi jacket covered in little metal unit patches of units I served in, two big rand paul buttons from 2010, etc. I never have ever done this shit before. Normally I just put a miniature CIB on my lapel like they used to do in congress. I was acting the clown for the crowd.

Well, there were a ton of vets there all retired, they were all just wearing what the vets wear around here, I don't play that rank thing etc you are nobody rank now mofo had the baseball cap with stuff on it thing. So I was the friggin hit! all the women wanted to talk to me, the men too, but they couldn't get a word in. I was laughing. So the plane lands, I held the sign above my head,, we cheered, they did the meet and greet thing and then he went under a little awning where they had the mike. He looked stressed and maybe a little distracted. I noticed. First Guthrie gave an intro, he said he will attack Fauci from the House, and Rand would attack him from the Senate, double team his ass. They might try to claw his money back. Rand gave a great speech, the focus was on the plandemic for the most part. If you are interested, I can give a few details. He was on Fauchi or whatever like a laser beam. He stated they have the goods on him for some stuff. Then the local yokels had time.

Now the crazy details hope it makes sense, I didn't take notes.

So when they first got there, the women and shit pushed forward to meet and greet, I hung back because I was holding the sign up over my head. People were coming up and talking to me, then this big ass white dude with a little American flag on his collar came up, blue sport coat, thanked me for my service and shook my hand. I didn't call him out, I let him do his job. He said he was a vet also and I thanked him. He sort of casually mentioned well I am one of the Senators security people and I said yah I know. Please protect him well, we can't let this stuff what happened, happen again. He smiled and said I'm on it, and I said if they won't let you guys protect him I will volunteer. And then the guy made me feel good, he said I read the crowd and if I needed help your the man I'd choose out of this crowd. In fact, we may be in contact. No shit! I wasn't sure I heard right. I said I am foot loose and fancy free, if you need volunteers I'm an old man but I can beat antifa. Then I said I am not just a combat infantryman, I'm a street and bar fighter from childhood, long before I was in the army. He said, I know. WTF??? He said me too before I and I didn't catch exactly what he said, maybe before mil service it was garbled. WTF? Anyway he went on to do that observing thing and I tried not to look at him so he could do his work. I spotted three more of his guys by the end.

Anyway, this is before the speech, as I said I was in the back with the sign, Kelly Paul spotted me and kept saying Rand, you got to come here, he ignored her, so she hustles over to me grabs my arm and starts talking to me asking questions etc. she was beautiful. I was starstruck and stammering lol. I said I saw you on tv when the monsters attacked, I said that is not right, I personally would volunteer to protect you, I am an old man but those punks I can handle. She was super sweet, I don't remember all what we talked about but I focused on them being safe no more chances like that. So she made Rand breakaway from the local candidates, he came over shook my hand, I said do you remember when we had the one and one at the doctors event in 2010? He oh yeah but you didn't have a beard I said right. Then I mentioned what I had asked of him, he remembered and I thanked him for doing the right thing. I stopped babbling then because they wanted a photo with me. I held up the sign and some asshole retired fat ass MP grabbed one end like he had some thing to do with that sign the mother fucker. But I let it slide because of the situation. They took photos, then the speeches, then a big group photo, but this whole time people, vets, candidates, women, even a couple of teenagers working with the signs offered me some yard sign, but I said I don't want to hold it here, so the main kid said oh I'll put it in your car, so I gave them the keys and away they went. I was having a blast, I was like a minor celebrity and the other vets with only a vet cap with a button or whatever were looking sad. lol I guess it pays to be a clown! I should have started wearing all that bullshit before, but who knew? I felt like that guy with the horns in the capital, nobody could look away hahahah

Then I went to talk to Brett Guthrie, I wrote above about the start of that. To his side he had this Asian chick, tall sleek maybe 25 to 30, well dressed, hair makeup perfect. While I was being very gentle calling Brett out (you got to stand up more Brett, fight them) I brought up Massie, I said get with him, but he didn't like that, he said he is a twitter hound or something like that, but I didn't press it because the hot chick started asking me questions. I didn't know who the fuck she was, I asked who she was politely, and she said well I am the congressman's aide and I was thinking hot hot hot. She asked about my patrol cap and I tricked her like I trick everybody and she friggin fell for it, but I felt bad and told her it was a joke right away and smartened her up. then she smiled and liked me more. I told her where I live if they need a volunteer or whatever, then she reached in her little purse and gave me her card and said call me. There was more but I said to her make sure you get some protection for the congressman, and she smiled and said, well, actually, that is part of my job.... and I said uhoh, you gonna kung fu my ass if I get out of line, and she smiled and said "something like that.....". I was eating this shit up.

So I also spoke to a lot of local candidates one on one, I won't bore you with local shit. County stuff.

I made a lot of contacts there, everybody seemed powered up in the crowd, the ladies were talking about school board elections etc what wonderful people were there, esp the ladies.

Note on that security guy: We had to submit our RSVP yesterday by 5 or something. I am positive they ran records checks on everybody. Everybody was invited and RSVPed. So I guess that is how he knew my background, and most likely why he came close to me, to see if I was packing since I have concealed carry card. I wasn't packing I even left my tiny penknife at home. So they have serious security with Paul, pre-screening the dang crowd. I feel better to know that. Oh, he was packing because when he was checking me I was checking him.
I had a great time, I didn't think I would it was a blast! Any questions please ask.
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So the local garbage "newspaper" cameraman, a little creepy looking guy, who I barely noticed, crept behind the rally and got the one angle that he could manage to NOT show the sign I had, did not show the stuff I put on my jacket, showed my back, in fact, he made it look like I was threatening Senator Paul. one of two people in the whole Congress that never lied to me, who laid his life on the line and has been shot at, his wife threatened and put in fear for her life when mob attacked, even attacked by his multi-millionaire neighbor from behind, who went to jail.

Rand Paul attacker sentenced to additional prison time over yard assault.​

What was I angry about? I wasn't. I was thanking the Senator. Never once did I even one angry word pass. Here is how I described this moment above "So she made Rand breakaway from the local candidates, he came over shook my hand, I said do you remember when we had the one and one at the doctors event in 2010? He oh yeah but you didn't have a beard I said right. Then I mentioned what I had asked of him, he remembered and I thanked him for doing the right thing. I stopped babbling then because they wanted a photo with me."


He made it look like I was some deranged crazy man threatening the Senator. But since I was doing the exact opposite, they had to cover their lie by photo.

Fakenews Lies.jpg

Take a look folks. Does the caption match the photo? I told you what I said during that moment. The caption matches what happened. The photo does not. I never heard even one angry word against the Senator. But they sure did do there best to make it look like there was. Look at Rand Paul. He is AMUSED when I said those few words to him. THESE PEOPLE ARE EVIL INCARNATE, and totally fakenews.

The article basically reported the speech, you can pick it apart yourself.
U.S. Sen. Rand Paul made an appearance Tuesday in Elizabethtown, where he spoke to supporters as part of his “get out the vote” series of events.

Paul, a Republican, landed at Elizabethtown Regional Airport at approximately 11:15 a.m. He already had been to Richmond and Georgetown that morning and would travel to Murray and Hopkinsville after departing Elizabethtown.

In his approximately 11-minute address to those in attendance, Paul lambasted Dr. Anthony Fauci, critical of his handling of information related to COVID-19 and the vaccine for the virus.

“It’s not about Fauci going to jail, although that probably would be appropriate,” Paul said. “It’s about finding the truth of the origins of the virus so this doesn’t happen again.”

Paul asserted that evidence pointed to the virus coming from a laboratory, and he said he wanted to know if anyone on the committee that approved the vaccines was receiving money from the people who make the vaccines. Paul said Fauci said it was none of his business.

“It’s my job to ask him questions for you, and the gall and the arrogance of him to say to the American people that it’s none of our business,” Paul said.

Paul also was critical about closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that schools were closed across the country before any child had gotten sick.

“We closed every school in America and across most of the world with no children sick, and then we left them closed for months and months, into years,” Paul said. “The recent scores came out, and the kids have lost more ground than they’ve ever lost.”

Paul said “never again” to more lockdowns.

“I’m not here to say people didn’t die. I knew people who died from COVID,” he said. “I know at least three people pretty well who died, including a doctor in Bowling Green. I’m not saying it’s not real. It was real and is real, but did you ever hear Dr. Fauci tell you what to do if you get sick?”

Paul will battle to retain his government seat Nov. 8 against Democratic nominee Charles Booker.
He took at least one photo of me holding the sign because I saw him kneel in front of me and take the photos, in front not from the back of the rally. Nasty Nasty Nasty.

This rally was most likely the only type event I have ever been to that there weren't any angry people, everybody was apparently so happy to see the sun and Senator Paul all the anger about what has been going on was washed away. But they managed to twist it anyway. The sign did not appear in the four photos. Here are the other photos in the online article.
Fakenews 2.jpgfakenews 3.jpgFakenews 4.jpg

I am unhappy.
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There were several black members of the community there, in support but they wouldn't want them in a photo either, because they were all successful happy people, the pillars of the community. NOPE. CANNOT SHOW THAT.
Yes, do tell!
The newspaper transcript is in the photo post, it jibes with my memory of what the Senator said. The statement was recorded with a video camera on a tripod so I guess they couldn't actually fully lie about what he said.

A passive aggressive newspaper. Now you know why I cancelled my subscription about 20 years ago. They have done way worse, trust me, actual lies where you read the story, you were there, and nothing about what they reported was correct. Almost impossible to do that, but they managed.

Oddly, when my son was winning all those shooting competitions in high school, they had a huge picture of him on the front page in color with a nice article, I think the headline was something like "Shooting for Success". Long article too. Obviously a slow news day.
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