(redacted) are rigging employment stats

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everything is rigged -- example number 214. chinese-style communism continues under the (redacted) control of nyc/dc

not my bold

... due to the record high rate of estimation - recall the 49% Establishment survey response rate was much lower than the 70-75% rate typical in November, meaning the Dept of Labor was literally making numbers up to "complete" the survey...

... or some other reason, perhaps including the Biden admin tapping certain Bureau of Labor Statistics officials on the shoulder and advising them to show strong numbers if they want to keep their... well... jobs, we did not know, but we did know that according to the Household Survey, just 12,000 jobs were created since March, while according to the Establishment Survey - which moves markets and sets Fed policy - the increase in jobs over the same period was 2.692 million!

more at link...
There's a reason folks call them the BLSBS.
Goods inflation going down? Does he mean rate of inflation in goods? Goods have gone up a lot, I have not seen them come down.

Ya I think so, he makes a point of looking for inflection points. I don't remember that specific part though.
Goods inflation going down? Does he mean rate of inflation in goods? Goods have gone up a lot, I have not seen them come down.
ony in (redacted) speech do rising prices get conflated/characterized as going down/falling. half of the country are complete morons -- this kind of talk is to fool them

without deceit it would read something like this -- prices are up 7 percent. this is more than triple the corrupt central bankers' stated target of 2 percent
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... a little over a year after we, or rather the Philly Fed, found that the BLS had overstated payrolls in 2022 by 1.1 million, here we go again, only this time the BLS had overstated payrolls by 800,000 through Dec 2023 (and more if one were to extend the data series into 2024). It's truly statistically remarkable how every time the data error is in favor of a stronger, if fake, economy.

More (long and blistering commentary on the BLS):

Calling the state of the U.S. jobs market these days stable seems like an understatement considering the latest data coming out of the Labor Department.

That's because most of the past several weeks have shown that first-time claims for unemployment benefits haven't fluctuated at all — as in zero.

For five of the past six weeks, the level of initial jobless filings totaled exactly 212,000. Given a labor force that is 168 million strong, achieving such stasis seems at least unusual if not uncanny, yet that is what the figures released each Thursday morning since mid-March have shown.

The consistency has raised a few eyebrows on Wall Street. The only week that varied was March 30, with 222,000.

"How is this statistically possible? Five of the last six weeks, the exact same number," market veteran Jim Bianco, head of Bianco Research, posted Thursday on X.

"Initial claims for unemployment insurance are state programs, with 50 state rules, hundreds of offices, and 50 websites to file. Weather, seasonality, holidays, and economic vibrations drive the number of people filing claims from week to week," he added. "Yet this measure is so stable that it does not vary by even 1,000 applications a week."


They aren't even trying to make the imaginary numbers look real any more.
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