Dead: Regal Assets LLC

No longer in business

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Washington, DC
I'm currently investigating different companies for a gold IRA rollover. I have not made a purchase yet, so please if you have any additional info - respond below!

I'm going with Regal Assets for these reasons...

A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
AAA Rating with the Business Consumer Alliance
5 Star TrustLink Rating (based on 330+ reviews)
0 complaints on ripoffreport or complaintsboard

Inc Magazine ranked them #20 for financial services in their 2013 Inc 500 list.

Some of the common complaints found for gold companies include -

Bait & switch - All over this forum, people are accusing gold companies of bait & switch tactics. They call asking for gold bullion, and the salesman tries to sell them rare or numismatic coins? This is because these are coins their employees are PAID higher commissions to sell... Some coins have higher profit margins -which mean they make money, NOT You.

Regal Assets employees are NOT paid commission based on the coins/bullion you buy - so there's no possibility of conflict of interest with them wanting to sell you coins that pay THEM more...

Pushy sales tactics - Many companies I'm finding a history of employees aggressively pushing you to make buying decisions asap -again so THEY can get paid. in my search looking at gold companies, I'm not finding any complaints of this nature with Regal. Look at TrustLink reviews, BBB, BCA... Again, this is good because I don't want to feel rushed into anything - nobody does.

They also charge flat storage/admin fees - most competition charge SCALING fees. Regal also processes all orders within 7 days. Buying OR selling...

If anyone's had positive/negative experiences - let us know here....
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... If anyone's had positive/negative experiences - let us know here....

Yeah, so about that...

Regal Assets, a somewhat prominent gold and silver dealer in southern California, is in serious trouble based on news released last week. Tyler Gallagher, the firm's high-flying owner, has reportedly vanished... perhaps to avoid arrest and prosecution.

Regal clients are now talking to the press about their inability to get delivery of the metal they bought and paid for. The Regal website has been taken offline.


Sal's take...............

Every Gold & Silver Stacker's Nightmare Just Came True!​

Feb 16, 2023

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Beware! Details posted in thread
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