remember when we had a fourth amendment?

From the link:

SAN ANTONIO—Today, Houston resident Alek Schott partnered with the Institute for Justice (IJ) to announce a federal lawsuit against Bexar County deputies for illegally stopping him for a traffic violation that he didn’t commit, and then using the stop to detain him and search his truck in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights.

The incident occurred the morning of March 16, 2022, when Alek was driving home from a work trip. While traveling on I-35 just south of San Antonio, he was pulled over by a Bexar County deputy for supposedly drifting out of his lane. But footage from Alek’s dashcam shows that he was squarely within his lane the entire time. The deputy falsely accused Alek of a traffic violation as an excuse to pull him over. From there, things only got worse.

When the Baxter County deputy asked about carrying large amounts of money, he was looking for the right to confiscate private property under the Civil forfeiture laws.

There was a time when this outright theft was done in two parts: (1) the trial to confiscate you property prior to your trial for breaking a law and any testimony you provided in defense of your property was used against you in the "criminal trial" that was yet to come. (2) If you testified in the first trial (and lost) you couldn't refute the testimony because it was a matter of public record.

So in fact you lose twice. The arresting police department in then in fact a arm of the local taxing authority. How times have we heard where a local police department might have a high end high powered vehicle as a marked police vehicle driven by the same officer who confiscated the vehicle in the first place as a suspect in a drug arrest for a few grams of mary jane possession.

Truth in policing.
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