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Location: Toledo, OH

Shipping: $10 for orders less than $200, free for orders greater than $200. All orders shipped with insurance.

Payment Options: Bank Wire, Personal Check, Cashiers Check, Postal Money Order, Credit/Debit Card, Bitcoin, Paypal, e-Check


Silver Doctors was a fairly popular blog for a while before the site owners decided to open a shop. They seem to have special deals going frequently.
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Good prices and they deliver product as advertised.
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I came across this by accident. Posting because I thought some members might enjoy it.

An Exclusive Look Inside SD Bullion's Gold & Silver Vaults​

Dec 20, 2023


As SD Bullion has grown to a billion-dollar company, very few people have seen the inner workings of our operation. Our business has grown from literally a basement, to one of the top three online precious metals e-commerce companies in the United States.

As you might expect, video and photographs are typically not permitted. However, we wanted to give our customers a glimpse of what it's like to be inside our vaults. To do this, SD Bullion teamed up with one of our valued YouTube partners: Yankee Stacking.

In a video he filmed several months ago, and first featured on his channel, we took Yankee deep into our new, state-of-the-art, highly secured depository. It's a video we're sure you wouldn't want to miss. So we wanted to bring this to you on our own SD Bullion YouTube channel for our loyal followers to see.

For those of you who are new to SD Bullion, and who don't know the story of how our business started, please be sure to check out the SD Bullion Mini Series: SD Early Years - Building a Bullion Dollar Metals Dealer

Never had a problem with "Doc". He used to have some "edgy" pieces until the PC police came along. From silver shield there was "Merry Consumerism" in 2015. And from the Silver Bugs was "Alyx" in 2016.


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Caveat emptor:
RangerAccomplished91 said:
I placed a large order on 5/13 for some gold bullions from SD Bullion and they cancelled the order the next day without explanation, after the wire transfer already cleared. I asked them how I'd get a refund and they told me to file a wire recall with my bank. I did that and I've been waiting for 5 days for the refund, still nothing. It's frustrating that they can't wire my refund back directly, now I have to pay a fee for the recall process. Has anyone had this experience with them?

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SD always has some of the best PM deals online. Never asked for a refund. I would ask for a credit.
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