Share my joy- this pic I never seen- my kin


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My aunt is a local historian. She is small time- but building a name for her self in the local area.

I am so excited. Her latest book is about our family. It is not written yet.

This picture has never been seen before by most of my family.

My moms side of the family is from PA and has some fascinating chapters to it. I was taught tho at an early age- not to speak much of it. Some bad stuff and some very good stuff all mixed up.

I met my grampas mom when I was 10 years old.

I never seen my maternal grams parents ever. Nor has my aunt.

Boasting about past family members- is something I was taught not to do.

So- if you ever see the upcoming book at the library- I did not write it.

Im guessing if we boast we are show offs and someone else who is quiet trumps our achievements.

Have a look. My grandmother was the sweetest lady who ever lived. She recently passed away.. I did not want my next door nieighbor to meet her once dementia set in.

I never seen this photo till today. I wonder how much I am like my great grandfather?

My dads side emigrated from Poland. His history is harder to obtain. Ever family has an interesting past I am sure.