Solar power system for a well pump

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I can’t respond to the ChatGPT, but Mr. AI gave incomplete information.

There are DC well pumps. No inverter necessary. Also, if you need water when the sun isn’t shining, you can pump water, into an elevated storage tank and let gravity do the work. So that would eliminate the need for batteries.

Solar panels in a fairly cheap. And don’t need to be clean that often.
I can’t respond to the ChatGPT, but Mr. AI gave incomplete information.

Pretty sure you have some limited usage..............

"So, I checked on the balance accrued so far for usage of ChatGPT in the forums and see the total balance so far (over 3 months of usage) is under $4. The cost is far less than I had anticipated, so with the new integration update, I'm able to open up access to the PlayPen to all active members now.

Active members that do *not* have a current account upgrade will be limited to 3 ChatGPT replies per thread for now. Members with upgraded accounts will continue to have unlimited access/replies."

^^^This is from post #3 in the thread.
I can’t respond to the ChatGPT ...

You should be able to.

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