Some Surprising Insider "Goldbugs"

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Fly on the Wall
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I found some surprising (to me) information while doing research for my blog site on coming monetary system changes.

Most people who follow the precious metals markets know that high level connected people like Jim Sinclair, Jim Rickards, James Turk, Eric Sprott, etc.
are big believers in precious metals to preserve wealth.

But I think most people (including me) would be surprised that there are some very highly connected banking insiders who operate a website that sells physical gold to high net worth investors.

It includes former Goldman Sachs, former Morgan Stanley, and other similar banking insiders. It even includes a former Chairman of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). I wrote a two part article on this on my blog for anyone interested. The link to Part I is here.

You can follow on to Part II from there if interested. I think most people will be surprised at this web site and those endorsing it. I was for sure. And I have followed the precious metals markets for over a decade now.
Thanks for this Larry

Its further good evidence that 'they' know whats brewing and how to protect themselves.

Good luck with the blogsite.
I was surprised when I stumbled onto this web site. I had no idea that Arthur Levitt and Gen. Wesley Clark would belong to an Advisory Board for site that sells physical gold to high net worth investors.

Very interesting blog, Larry! You are really cranking out the articles, good for you.

FOFOA (!, and IIRC) had something nice to say about these guys. Here's a link, I am pretty sure it's about the same people. Note that this is very uncharacteristic of FOFOA to (even somewhat) endorse something like this...:
Thank you and thanks for posting that link.

Yes, that is the same site I ran into. I don't think most people (even people like me who have followed all this for a few years) know about that site.

My blog is attempting to do a couple of things:

1) catalogue an archive of high quality articles, interviews, etc. that will be out on the internet free. I think as things unfold more and more average people (like me) who are not interested right now will start looking for information. I hope to create a data base where they can learn.

2) reach out to people not already knowledgeable. There are many very good sites but I am trying to write in a style that average guy hopefully can read and enjoy. I don't want my site to scare people. I don't want to sell anything.
I want people to feel they can come to the blog and feel comfortable. They won't see lots of links to places they have never heard of. They will see credible sources (in their minds) that they can trust.

I think about how many years I have had to try and learn about all this. Most people just starting out cannot handle too much too fast. They time to absorb it all. And they need to feel they are reading sources they trust. I am trying as hard as I can to provide that.

If I do a good job with this blog, a "goldbug" could direct their next door neighbor or family member who thinks they are not mainstream to this blog and they might be willing to read it and think about it.

All I know is I cannot sit by and do nothing when I see major changes coming that people need to try and understand. I will never sell anything on the blog because it is too important that people can come there and know they will not be given a sales pitch for anything. The blog costs me nothing but a little time. I am willing to give that. And I also get the benefit of learning a lot myself in doing research for the posts.

I hope my visitors/readers will direct others to the blog if they feel the information is helpful. I am committed to it as long as the blog remains free from Google until we see major changes.

Thanks again for your comments.

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