Supreme Shenanigans

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I agree with all of the above. They are human, and therefore they can be bought/coerced.

They must be held accountable by law, not by agreement.

Now -- just to demonstrate your awareness of this problem, please do one of the crooked lib judges next, OK?

We Don’t Need an Ethics Code to Know That Justice Thomas Must Resign​

Laws and rules and ethics codes are for wrongdoers. People don’t need to be told that murder is wrong, that they should not take kickbacks, pay bribes, steal from one another.

Of course, we live in a highly regulated society today, and it is necessary that people obey laws that they might not know of or realize make certain conduct illegal. But even still. There are a host or laws detailing what companies can and cannot discharge into lakes and rivers — but surely they know that pouring dangerous chemicals into our water supply is wrong, regardless many how many lawyers they hire to justify their actions or how many campaign contributions they make to block more stringent regulations.


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is adopting its first code of ethics, in the face of sustained criticism over undisclosed trips and gifts from wealthy benefactors to some justices.

The policy was issued by the court Monday. The justices, who have hinted at internal deliberations over an ethics code, last met Thursday in their private conference room at the court.

The justices said in an unsigned statement that they have long adhered to ethics standards.

Yeah: "We promise to be good. Trust us, we are not human, we are Supreme Court Justices. Our promise is all you need, and it is all you are fukking gonna get, you slime-ball pissants! Now bugger off."

We Don’t Talk About Leonard: The Man Behind the Right’s Supreme Court Supermajority​

THE PARTY GUESTS who arrived on the evening of June 23, 2022, at the Tudor-style mansion on the coast of Maine were a special group in a special place enjoying a special time. The attendees included some two dozen federal and state judges — a gathering that required U.S. marshals with earpieces to stand watch while a Coast Guard boat idled in a nearby cove.

Caterers served guests Pol Roger reserve, Winston Churchill’s favorite Champagne, a fitting choice for a group of conservative legal luminaries who had much to celebrate. The Supreme Court’s most recent term had delivered a series of huge victories with the possibility of a crowning one still to come. The decadeslong campaign to overturn Roe v. Wade, which a leaked draft opinion had said was “egregiously wrong from the start,” could come to fruition within days, if not hours.

Over dinner courses paired with wines chosen by the former food and beverage director of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., the 70 or so attendees jockeyed for a word with the man who had done as much as anyone to make this moment possible: their host, Leonard Leo.


More about Leonard here:

The Court Whisperer​

Nov 17, 2023


Few have done more to build the Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority and bring about the Dobbs decision than Leonard Leo. If that were all he accomplished, it would be extraordinary. But Leo is an even more influential figure in the conservative takeover of the judiciary than has been previously understood.
We discuss Leo’s path to power, how he wields his influence and his ambitions beyond the court.
The guidelines make good sense and no one seems to object to the substance. But critics had objections nonetheless, quickly pointing out that there was no way of enforcing the code. Instead, the justices are expected to comply or presumably face the private wrath of Chief Justice John Roberts. This led some to insist, once again, that Congress must step in and pass its own standards and impose some form of accountability on the Court.

More (long):

WASHINGTON, Nov 30 (Reuters) - Senate Democrats are expected on Thursday to vote on authorizing subpoenas to a pair of influential conservatives with ties to the U.S. Supreme Court as part of an ethics inquiry spurred by reports of undisclosed largesse directed to some conservative justices.

The Democratic-led Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing to consider subpoenas for billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow, a benefactor of conservative Justice Clarence Thomas, and conservative legal activist Leonard Leo, who was instrumental in compiling Republican former President Donald Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees.


Senate Judiciary Committee authorizes subpoenas of Harlan Crow and Leonard Leo in Supreme Court ethics probe​

WASHINGTON — The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to approve subpoenas for conservative activist Leonard Leo and GOP megadonor Harlan Crow in its Supreme Court ethics probe.

The subpoenas were approved by 11 Democratic senators, while no Republican senators voted. GOP members walked out of the committee room during the vote once it was clear that Chairman Dick Durbin, D-Ill., wouldn't allow votes on any GOP amendments.

Afterward, Republicans argued that the subpoenas are invalid because of a procedural matter that meant the meeting should have ended at noon, but it ended two minutes after. GOP senators also said that because they walked out of the vote, no quorum was present for the committee to conduct business.


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