The Uniparty NEEDS You To Believe There Was No Trump-Led Red Wave. It’s a Lie. And Here’s Why (And How) They’re Doing It…

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As we begin to get some perspective after the risible “red trickle” falsehoods peddled over Tuesday night, people have begun to realize this midterm election went about as well as any of us had believed.​

Trump’s 93% Endorsement Success Rate.

Not only did President Trump win 219 of his 235 endorsed races (that’s a 93 percent success rate at last count), but the Democrats just guaranteed themselves Joe Biden as their nominee for 2024.​
If anyone wants a pep talk....

Major GOP WINS That The Legacy Media Won’t Tell You About (1:33:00)

Published November 11, 2022 by Dr Steve Turley​
Listening to CBS radio news, they say the R team got smoked, then had a person speak "conservative" who stated every candidate that stuck to the economy schools etc won, and every body who "religitated" the last election lost..

So the D team swept the elections and Pelosi said they got elected on safe streets, economy etc. Yeah right.
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