This bug nearly got squashed the other day


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It was kind of surreal. I was traveling northbound on a major road in our area - two lanes northbound, two southbound with a painted turn lane in between (no physical barriers). Traffic in both directions moving about 50 mph (~80kph). The sun had just set, so it was dark already and everyone had headlights on. I see a car in the southbound lane moving into the median without any turn signal and something about it really got my attention. The car kept moving instead of straightening out and by the time I realized it was moving into my lane, I had to jerk the wheel of my car hard to avoid a head on collision at 100 mph (160 kph). Luckily, I didn't have any traffic in the other lane. I watched in my rear view mirror as the car nearly wiped out the car behind me which also had to make an emergency lane change. The southbound car then corrected back to it's proper lane.

I'm not sure if the driver was drunk, texting or having a medical emergency, but it was rather scary. I guess I'll add it to my list of potentially life ending experiences. Seems like I had a lot in my youth, but it's been many years (decades) since I've had one like this.


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Well done with the response to that situation Bug
'something about it got my attention' ........ now ponder what that was and realise this was what saved you (-:

I had a similar experience many years ago but on a 6 lane ( 3 in each direction) motorway with a solid central barrier
Just getting dark and motorway busy with 'going home' traffic
I had just worked my way through a clump of traffic and had a half mile of light traffic ahead
Doing around 80mph in the centre lane and suddenly a complete lorry wheel pops up vertically over the central barrier heading for an impact with me
Luckily, I was able to jink to the right and miss it ( no mirror, signal, maneouver ) and I saw the word firestone on the side of the tyre.
( They say a formula 1 driver can identify a friends face in a spectator stand while racing )
I watched the wheel in the mirror cross the remaining lanes and dissappear into the weeds and no other vehicle even slowed down for it .....
Then I noticed my speed had crept up to over 90mph as the fight or flight response played out so consciously slowed down, only to find myself a few minutes later going so slowly, traffic was passing me as I pondered how close I had just come to a messy exit.