Tourist gobsmacked after a €2 charge was added to his restaurant bill

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Sure........we'll cut your sammy in half.

Tourists furious after restaurant in Italy adds €2 charge for cutting sandwich in half​

A British tourist was left gobsmacked after a €2 charge was added to his restaurant bill for cutting a sandwich in half.

The unnamed visitor was dining at Bar Pace in Gera Lario by popular holiday spot Lake Como in Italy when the incident occurred.

He scanned his receipt to find a “diviso da meta”, or “cutting in half”, charge of €2 for his toasted sandwich.


I have no problem with that. You get what you pay for there. No tip expected. If dude had a problem with it then don't request that service. You also pay for water and bread there.

Despite all that you get a way better value and dining experience there than here in the US.
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