tried a new place to eat


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Ok- when I am in the parking lot and they pipe in music to the parking lot- I know I am not going to like the place.

More and more places pipe in music to the parking lot.

It is hard to me to focus and the loud music and commotion as an older person- isnt what I want to digest food.

The irony is the other night I was at taco bell and they were less intrusive then the new mexican place.

With all the teck we have- houses that live near a car dealership STILL must hear the buzzer tone and phone call for tom dick and harry. No regard to the home owner.

I am glad I am not in the business district.

The food was pretty good- weather is a day to enjoy the sun roof on the car- when it is too hot or too cold I dont.

Weatherization wants to come again. So that is on my list.

The staff at the eatery it was more like a sports game with cheers welcome to moes- clapping like that chain that started the whole happy birthday dance.

I am 52. It wasnt my idea of a place to relax and eat. Oh well. life goes on.