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Guy is a good storyteller.

A Criminal Explains Step-By-Step How To Smuggle Drugs | Ep. 19 | The Connect w/ Johnny Mitchell​

Johnny Mitchell breaks down the ways that he smuggled drugs and the best ways to minimize the chances of getting caught. He also explains how to reduce the amount of time spent in prison. 28:47

0:00- Intro 01:19- Better Help 02:20- All things drug smuggling 02:53- Maritime smuggling dominates 05:41- Corruption is necessary 09:28- Don't have it in your possession 10:54- Shipping through the mail 15:30- Long haul car carriers 18:15- Use rental car companies 20:23- Chapo revolutionized smuggling 22:16- Muling drugs yourself 25:00- You must create reasonable doubt 28:18- Outro

Drug Kingpin Explains How Money Laundering Actually Works | The Connect w/ Johnny Mitchell | Ep #3​

Former drug trafficker Johnny Mitchell breaks down the process of money laundering and all of the best ways to launder drug money, as well as the mistakes he made during his time in the game. He goes in depth on how drug cartels clean cash, and gives advice to mid-level dealers who want to use the business as a springboard into the legitimate world. 23:30

0:00- Intro 01:35- Authorities seizing drug money 02:18- What is money laundering? 03:22- How cartels launder their money 05:22- Middle class money laundering 05:55- Washing money in Las Vegas 06:56- Buying and reselling items online 08:27- Laundering money using cash gifts 11:10- Places I hid my drug money 13:46- How the cops found the money 15:43 -The three steps to laundering money 18:03- The goal of the game is to build a dynasty 21:12- Money laundering is a dealers' privilege 22:47- Outro
This one is 2 hours long. Nothing to see. If interested, you can listen to it in segments in one window & play around the forum in a different window.

How A Small Town Fisherman Became The BIGGEST POT SMUGGLER In US HISTORY | The Connect​

Premiered Jul 8, 2023

Tim McBride, a man out of South West Florida, went from working odd jobs and crab fishing, to leading the largest pot smuggling business on American soil from for a decade. He joins the show talk about his humble beginnings, his rise to the top of a criminal empire, and how he turned his life around after his eventual fall.

00:00 Introduction to Tim McBride's Story as a Smuggler
02:47 Intricacies of Moving Product from Florida
06:43 Inside Stories and Humor in the Herb Industry
12:42 Critical Review and Discussion on Documentaries
14:43 Details on South Florida's Smuggling Activities
25:29 Crabbing and Fishing Experiences
34:25 Making Money and the Life in the Smuggling Trade
01:09:37 Family Business: Smuggling and its Effects
01:23:46 The Influence of the Drug Trade on a Community
01:27:05 Connection Between the Criminal World and the Elite
01:30:19 Challenges in a Younger Generation's Involvement in Smuggling
01:36:55 The Deadly Nature of the Yay Industry
01:39:20 The Industry Shift from Caribbean to Mexican Product
01:43:36 Cooperating with Authorities
01:51:31 Reflections on the Operation
Just last week somebody observed jet skis collecting kilos of blow in the ocean off Ft. Pierce. Just like the 1970s. Nothing made it to shore however.

NOTORIOUS Smuggler Describes Plane Crash While Trafficking Pot | The Connect​

Aug 23, 2023


Long before he was an author, Roger Reaves flew drugs from Colombia to Florida. He describes almost crashing his plane while hauling a huge load over the ocean!

The surfers turned smugglers who powered America's dope craze​

Oct 25, 2023


Rikers Island Jail Guard SOLD DRUGS To Inmates | The Connect​

Nov 23, 2023

Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, play around the forum in another tab.

Episode 1: Murder Brokers | FT​

Dec 7, 2023


When a Dutch crime reporter makes an unbelievable discovery, a small-town murder case begins to look like an international assassination plot.

The Financial Times’ award-winning podcast series Hot Money is back. In this series our reporter Miles Johnson investigates a mysterious murder in a small town that leads to a web of drugs, money laundering and state-sponsored assassinations stretching from Dublin to Dubai. At the centre is a cocaine super cartel that is revolutionising the global drugs market. This eight-part investigative podcast probes the links between criminals and legitimate businesses, and between governments and gangsters. You can listen to the other episodes at
Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, play around the forum in another tab.

Episode 2: Cocaine CEO | FT​

Dec 8, 2023


An enterprising Dublin drug dealer makes the most of a revolution sweeping across Europe’s criminal economy.

Episode 3: Sun, Guns & Sangria | FT​

Dec 10, 2023
International law enforcement is after the Kinahan cartel, revealing just how big the operation has grown.


*Podcast, nothing to see. Can listen in one tab, play around the forum in a different tab.

The LIFE of England's BIGGEST ROBBER Ronnie Biggs | Full Documentary​

Nov 27, 2023

Want to know more about how Ronnie pulled off The Great Train Robbery and his later 30-year sentence in prison? This documentary shows the whole life of Ronald Biggs an English criminal who helped plan and carry out the Great Train Robbery of 1963. He subsequently became notorious for his escape from prison in 1965, living as a fugitive for 36 years, and for his various publicity stunts while in exile.


What’s in Those Huge Suitcases? $125 Million in Cash​

They looked like ordinary tourists with very big bags. But like a network of ants, they carried off tens of millions of dollars in cash from London to Dubai.

British crime fighters cracked a money-laundering network that they say moved more than £100 million, equivalent to $125 million. A London court found two men guilty of illegal smuggling on Thursday, taking convictions in the network of cash couriers to 16, according to the National Crime Agency.

The network’s couriers, typically posing as tourists, were paid up to £5,000 to carry the cash bags. They flew business class for the extra luggage allowances, and moved £1 million or more by checking-in three or four suitcases. Photos and videos released by the NCA show some of the couriers in sandals wheeling suitcases through Heathrow Airport and the views from their hotel rooms in Dubai.

The NCA probe found the crime ring’s members counted and vacuum-packed money received from other criminal gangs in London apartments, and then locked it into suitcases to be picked up by couriers. Once on the ground in Dubai, the couriers were sent an image of a letter to show customs officials for customs declarations, and given codes to open the suitcase locks.



Did Drug Traffickers Funnel Millions of Dollars to Mexican President López Obrador’s First Campaign?​

Years before Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected as Mexico’s leader in 2018, U.S. drug-enforcement agents uncovered what they believed was substantial evidence that major cocaine traffickers had funneled some $2 million to his first presidential campaign.

According to more than a dozen interviews with U.S. and Mexican officials and government documents reviewed by ProPublica, the money was provided to campaign aides in 2006 in return for a promise that a López Obrador administration would facilitate the traffickers’ criminal operations.



How a Mennonite farmer became a drug lord – Ericatement

Franz Kauenhofen was once a pious member of his Mennonite community in this tropical stretch of southern Mexico. He read the Bible, tended to his fields and reared his three children to obey the teachings of the church.

“He never bothered anyone,” a childhood friend recalled. “He was a very kind, very noble person.”

Mennonites are Christians who, like the Amish, believe that admission to heaven depends on dressing modestly, doing good works, embracing pacifism and eschewing many modern conveniences. Kauenhofen’s community — a hamlet known as Las Flores — allowed cars and electricity but banned televisions, computers, the internet and smartphones.

Despite such restrictions, Mennonites are among the most successful industrial farmers in Mexico. Kauenhofen owned at least 100 acres, where he and his farmhands grew soybeans.

But today at age 40, he sits in prison accused of running clandestine airstrips for drug planes and commanding groups of assassins. Prosecutors say he was on the payroll of the Sinaloa cartel, once headed by the infamous drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.



Singapore’s Dirty Money Problem​

Feb 9, 2024

Singapore has long been a haven for the super wealthy, with its low taxes, safety and stability.Threatening to upend that carefully crafted image, however, is a sprawling $2.2 billion money laundering scandal. Though the vast majority of investment in the city-state is above board, its famous openness to inflows is now under scrutiny.


How Money Laundering Actually Works | How Crime Works | Insider​

Robert Mazur is a former government agent who investigated drug-money laundering for the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service intelligence division, and the Customs Service. While deep undercover in hot spots such as Florida, Colombia, and Panama, Mazur successfully infiltrated criminal rings and cartels, including Pablo Escobar's, by posing as a wealthy, mob-connected businessman. He helped manage the illicit fortunes of the Medellín and Cali cartels while gathering evidence that would lead to some of the largest money-laundering prosecutions in history.

He speaks to Insider about how the cartels layer their assets and move money via “smurfs”. He also covers the use of legitimate businesses, such as jewelry chains and mortgage brokerage companies.

Mazur is the author of "The Infiltrator," which became a New York Times bestseller and inspired a 2016 film of the same title, starring Bryan Cranston (as Mazur) and John Leguizamo. Cranston is set to play Mazur again in the sequel currently in development, which is based on Mazur' second memoir, "The Betrayal.” Today, Mazur speaks and consults around the world through his company, KYC Solutions.


Super yachts, mansions and gross wealth profited from government contracts | 60 Minutes Australia​

*Synopsis | Home Truths (2024)*In this joint investigation by 60 Minutes, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, Nick McKenzie continues his major probe into the federal Department of Home Affairs, revealing even more questionable dealings in the way it handles contracts worth billions of dollars.


Inside the Dark World of Assassins (Full Episode) | Trafficked: Underworlds with Mariana van Zeller​

What drives a person to make a living out of killing? Mariana goes inside the dark world of contract killers.

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