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I like sit coms- and the lady cut the cable package- so I cant see new shows- her house- her TV- not a problem. She does however pay for the DVR. So I can grab what I want to see from the limited selection.

So each day maybe 5 hours of TV is recorded- and I select 90 minutes to watch- if any. She likes my company - so long as I am not underfoot- keep the volumn down- and limit how long I am there. Recently- I am in the habit of not using her bathroom. Her toilet runs and I get blamed for it- so I would rather run home to pee - it takes the same amount of time as using her bathroom- because I have to stand there till it shuts off and I live next door. Even when it stops- it starts again and I get blamed. So I run home- or limit my stay to 90 minutes to 2 hours so as to not use her bathroom.

In the episode of 227- Lester and Mary were being audited for 1983. In the show- it came up that the dow hit a record of 2200. Which made me think- all kids of thoughts! Dow vs silver, and the 87 crash- the presidents working group on markets. A comment was made over insider trading. Which made me think of fat finger and algorithms. Nancy Reagan mad at the chief of staff came up. Which reminded me of "Morning in America", how she was a bitch- I read her book my turn. How she redid the white house- new china and silver ware- and redecorated. Also mentioned was acid rain- and hole in the ozone. (see an agenda here?)

So the Jenkins were being audited for 1983. A deduction of a business party came up and $583 for a party was a big amount. There was fear of jail.

A comment was made about Lady Di.

I often tell Shirley that TV will rot the brain.

Another question- I love Lucy- was that a precurser to Cuba being taken over by communists?

In an episode of Little House- they all have good teeth- no one stinks- even tho there is no showers- and the banker seems to be the law in some respects.

The banks really do think they own it all. On I love Lucy- they bought a house in the country the mortgage was 20 years. hmm. In an episode of little house- they have a mortgage with a monthly payment- but I think back then - one paid it all in a lump sum.

Prices are also interesting. On Happy Days a fancy cup of coffee was .25. A traffic ticket was $50 or 5 days in jail.

On little house the Ingalls farm - at auction bid was $400. The team of horses $100.

Family ties is interesting. The 80s mode of thinking- the liberals wanting recycling- the hair, clothes. I like Michael J Fox- I loved back to the future.

Back to 227- that one episode was sort of a microcosm of the 80s. For me the 80s were great- a coming of age for me.

With out looking- I can guess that silver is the better investment then the DOW.

Think about the DOW- "Dow Jones INDUSTRIAL average"; what industry? Even our car industry is one of high finance- not the goods- but the paper that finances it. Why should anyone need a mortgage on a car? Some of these cars cost more then my house did!! Why should anyone need a mortgage on a college degree? I got thru 4 years with only $300 loan- which I paid back. Today the kids owe more then my house for a degree.

So I like to pick a part- icons of culture--