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This is not so much a review, as the prefix states, as it is a heads up. I thought I would list it in the same manner as the rest of the threads to maintain uniformity, as per PMBugs request.

I haven't read anything on here about, but I just looked quickly through the website, and it appeared to be pretty handy. It lists many of the major websites prices to the "Big" silver eagles, maple leafs, etc.... Sort of like a for silver. People about to purchase soon may consider giving it a look to see if it's any good to use and let us know.
The developer of that site is a member of Turd's site and solicited feedback in Turd's forum:

I offered him some suggestions there and he seems pretty open to all feedback.

One issue I have with the site from a practical standpoint is that it doesn't compare shipping rates and with smaller silver purchases, this can be significant to the total price comparison as S&H varies wildly.
This data will definitely provide a great benefit to people who are currently checking on great price deals. I wonder if the developer is planning of adding more websites on the list.Let us say 5 more, I just thought of the idea of more options. Who knows the additional website may have the best deals.
I noticed has Amagi metals on their short list of dealers they display prices for. They are not a reputable company, as can be seen in this thread

I know they have removed sites in the past that were a bit shady, but the fact that they have amagi on there makes me question all of the sites they reference. Not to mention they also have E-bay listed. I bought 1oz of silver off E-bay back in the 90's cause it was a bar with a '70 Mustang fastback luck the one I had at the time, and before I had heard all the horror stories of people getting ripped off by E-bay. It's so hard to find a site that has decent prices & shipping that isn't a horrible to deal with, it doesn't help any when a place you go to find who has the best prices at the time lists sites like these who are not good to buy from. Not to mention for people who are new to PM's would almost certainly believe those sites must be reputable to deal with. I may try to contact them to question why they have those sites listed, but I suspect it will do no good. At least we have this site to get the good, the bad & the ugly about various PM sites. $.02
I have purchased from several online dealers, such as:
Provident Metals
JM Bullion
Monument Metals
Penn Metals
First Fidelity Reserve

The one dealer who has stood out from the rest as far as price, quality and consistency is JM Bullion. I would have added Provident but for a small problem with a flawed 10 oz bar that they said would not hurt the value and refused to replace it.
APMEX is also very good but generally, their prices are higher.
BOLD worked OK, for one order, so far.
Monument is processing my first order.
Penn Metals had some "offers I couldn't refuse" but they came through on my two orders.
First Fidelity Reserve scares me. I won't deal with them, any more. They are associated with AMAC and push numismatics to us old farts I bought a 5 oz gold bar that arrived in an open card that should have been sealed.
I hate to post to an old thread, but I'm new here. I also didn't notice a "intro" forum where people often introduce themselves.

My take on compare silver prices is that it's just a giant billboard for his best advertisers and highest converting affiliate programs. I found the site difficult to use.

I mostly buy ASEs because it's easy for me to sell them as my LCS if I need to. That being said, I built my own website that would allow me to track and compare the price of ASEs across all of the major dealers websites.

I've since expanded the site to include around 25 dealers and 100 or so products. I scrape the dealers websites hourly to update the pricing. Not all products have all 25 dealers. I post the prices/offers for all of the dealers that I know that carry a particular product.

It's a work in progress and I'm regularly implementing new features that are requested by users. I'm adding products weekly as people that use the site request them.

If there are particular products that I'm not tracking that you're interested in, let me know and I can add them. If there is a particular feature you think would make the site better, let me know and I can try to implement it. My goal is to build something that people find useful in finding the best prices/deals for the bullion items they're looking to purchase.

Hi fbp, welcome to pmbug. Our introductions forum is a subforum of the STS forum, but it's not required to introduce yourself - you can jump right in and bumping an old thread is perfectly fine as long as the bump adds something on topic.

With respect to your site, do you factor in sales taxes and shipping costs?
Hi fbp, welcome to pmbug. Our introductions forum is a subforum of the STS forum, but it's not required to introduce yourself - you can jump right in and bumping an old thread is perfectly fine as long as the bump adds something on topic.

With respect to your site, do you factor in sales taxes and shipping costs?

Thanks for letting me know about the intro forum. I don't factor in sales tax because it varies greatly from dealer to dealer and state to state. Without having a lot of insight into each dealer's business practices that's not something I can practically factor in. Shipping information is shown with each product though.
If anybody on this forum ever buys gold& silver they will find MM a very efficient search engine for shopping:

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A new one: about page said: is a CoinMarketCap-style* index for physical precious metals prices.

We aggregate pricing data from 12 major online bullion dealers and over 30 of the world's most popular coins and bars to generate a physical price average for gold, silver, and platinum.

Unlike the "spot" price of precious metals, whose paper contracts do not guarantee physical delivery and are known to be manipulated, the price provided by represents the current average to take physical possession of one ounce of gold, silver, or platinum.

In addition to our physical price index, we also display which sites have the best deal on bullion at any given time in 5 major fiat currencies ;) The site updates itself automatically every few minutes, so you're always getting the most recent prices available!

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