White House gives federal agencies 30 days to remove TikTok from all government devices


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WASHINGTON — The White House is giving all federal agencies 30 days to wipe TikTok off all government devices, as the Chinese-owned social media app comes under increasing scrutiny in Washington over security concerns.

The Office of Management and Budget calls the guidance, issued Monday, a “critical step forward in addressing the risks presented by the app to sensitive government data.” Some agencies, including the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and State, already have restrictions in place; the guidance calls on the rest of the federal government to follow suit within 30 days.


Canada bans TikTok from government devices citing security risks​

OTTAWA, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Canada on Monday announced a ban on Chinese-owned social media app TikTok from government-issued devices, saying it presents an "unacceptable" level of risk to privacy and security, adding to the growing rift between the two countries.

The move underscores the growing lobby against TikTok, owned by Chinese firm ByteDance Ltd, over concerns of its proximity to Beijing and hold over user data across the world.


Government issued devices shouldn't have *any* private sector social media installed on them.

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin McCarthy took $42,500 from TikTok’s top policy chief—as he calls on Congress to investigate the app​

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TikTok is an internet juggernaut. As it has gained popularity, politicians around the country have launched a growing attack on the app, raising concerns about its Chinese ownership. It's now banned from government devices in multiple states and in Congress over concerns the Chinese government is using it to hoover up data on Americans. A congressional hearing about TikTok's potential national security risk is scheduled for March 23.

Records show that the same politicians who've publicly attacked the app and voted to restrict its use have also accepted donations from top executives with TikTok and its parent company ByteDance.

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