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Jim Rogers on Bloomberg - two worlds collide

I mean, sober thinking & reasoning world, colliding with newsworld.
Not very recent (end of Nov), but good, sober view of things as they are. And it is quite funny to watch: him, saying "but what are the REAL game changers in the markets", and dismissing all the BS talk, vs the journalist - she keeps coming up with "...but S&P says", "...but Fitch downgraded/upgraded", "...but markets are rallying..."

and I liked especially the "great" argument @02:00, when she was eventually out of "...but ...buts": "(...)all right, Jim, all right...". Has to be seen, words wouldn't do it justice, class..

- why they call it news, it is entertainment these days (oh, and speaking of which - she is a seriously hot looker, that girl, my gosh! That would explain why I stopped caring at some stage, if she makes any sense!
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If we're going to rate the chicks on BBerg - let me put in my vote for Lisa Murphy! I think she blows the rest off, beauty AND brains - she was a trader for Citi, but with good timing left that for a more secure job.

Betty Liu ain't bad either. Heck, almost none are over there. Trish who recently joined up is super-distracting-pretty, but not in the same beauty class as Lisa, IMO.
Or as smart.

I long ago decided if someone was going to tell me nonsense all day about what I do for a living, it'd have to be a hot chick...Lisa works for me, and often makes sense.

I like the new redhead too, gosh...

I'd have to say the main idiot there is that Indian chick with the Irish accent. She actually berated a floor trader just before Christmas who was skeptical of the store traffic numbers turning into spending numbers.

You just don't do that - those guys know their stuff - and she turned out wrong after the corrected numbers came out anyway. They don't put her down there anymore.
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