black swan

  1. pmbug

    Israel-Hamas war poses risk of global market contagion

  2. pmbug

    Sellers’ Inflation, Profits and Conflict ^ Contains link to the paper (currently free to download/view without registration) Transitory springboard ignited by supply shocks leads to persistent problems.
  3. pmbug

    Stablecoin implosion could be a black swan for US Treasuries
  4. pmbug

    This isn't the black swan you are looking for <waves hand>

    We're just exploiting the system to the max... Hmmm.... Credit Suisse using the Fed for fast and easy profits? Couldn't be because they are desperate for capital to prevent their own failure becoming a systemic risk to the global financial system, could it?
  5. russell.cabbage

    Credit Suisse (now UBS) on borrowed time?

    Any credibility to this? Apparently Credit Suisse is on the brink of collapse. Let me know if the article won't load due to paywall bullshit.
  6. pmbug

    Black Swan Risks drive gold hedging

    Saw this today and found it interesting: I posted about Palantir some time ago over here:
  7. pmbug

    Deutsche Bank is a big domino

    Big enough to spark systemic risk in the global banking system, so it's not going to be allowed to fail, but it continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons...
  8. white&yellow999

    End in Sight for Italy

    As reported on Thanks for the hint but most of us are way ahead of you... :gold:
  9. pmbug

    CME changes initial margin requirements in response to MF Global account transfers :paperbag: Looks like we may yet see that huge buying opportunity next week on physical bullion. I hope the bullion dealers will still be selling if the spot/futures price gets monkey...
  10. pmbug

    MF Global account liquidations might cause massive commodities selling on Friday

    The MF Global scandal might negatively impact the commodities markets on Friday. From a comment on Harvey's blog: From the ZH link:
  11. pmbug

    MF Global dying
  12. S

    The Coming Derivatives Crisis That Could Destroy The Entire Global Financial System
  13. pmbug

    Are we headed for another Lehman moment in Europe?

    Reggie Middleton says yes - times 4. :paperbag:
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