1. searcher

    ChatGPT: Investment, savings vehicles for retirees

    Good morning Chat GPT. I'm interested in safe and secure investment as well as savings vehicles for retirees. Which ones are safe and paying the most interest?
  2. jrog100

    Important How to hide / ignore chatGPT threads

    If this is how the forum will be, I'll just move on.
  3. pmbug

    Important How to use the ChatGPT Playpen forum room

    PMBug has an integration with's ChatGPT AI via a programming API. This integration is only working in the ChatGPT Playpen forum room. The rest of the PMBug site functions as normal. Presently, participation in the ChatGPT Playpen forum room is limited to the moderating team and PM...
  4. pmbug

    ChatGPT integration with pmbug?

    There are mods already available for this forum software that would allow the forum to create a forum member account for ChatGPT to post replies to threads and replies to folks that quote ChatGPT posts. Essentially, the mods would allow ChatGPT to participate in discussion in the forum posing...
  5. pmbug

    ChatGPT, Grok, Gemini (et al): news and discussion about AI A large swath of the internet depends upon Google's Adsense program to fund operation of websites. Should Google lose it's 800lb gorilla status, it would shake up a lot more than just ABC's stock...
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