choke point

  1. pmbug

    Algorithmic debanking So anti-money laundering (AML ) software flags accounts that deal with cash. Banks then close the accounts for these customers (including perfectly legal coin shops) rather than spend...
  2. JayDubya

    SCOTUS: NRA v Vullo - Strange bedfellows (ACLU defending NRA)

    ACLU to represent NRA in NY free speech challenge “The government can’t blacklist an advocacy group because of its viewpoint.”
  3. pmbug

    Operation Choke Point 2.0 now targeting precious metals dealers?

    Operation Choke Point is a government program designed to target specific industries and debank them. I've written a bit about how OCP 2.0 is targeting the crypto industry, but now it looks like the Eye of Sauron might be looking at precious metal dealers. More...
  4. pmbug

    What is Risky In Life - Zero Reserve or Full Reserve Banking?

    Since the inception of the Federal Reserve System, our fractional reserve banking system has steadily degraded reserve ratio requirements until they finally just did away with them altogether and ushered in our brave new era of zero reserve banking. Banks are not tasked with maintaining any...
  5. pmbug

    America's War on Crypto

    The crypto industry recently held a Consensus 2023 industry event in Austin, Texas. It was a 3 day event featuring numerous panels/sessions with speakers/representatives from both crypto and non-crypto companies/industries as well as representatives from various government regulators. The...
  6. pmbug

    Operation Choke Point 2.0 part of Sen. Warren's re-election campaign

    More: You find more details on Operation Choke Point 2.0 being discussed in the Crypto Trading thread...
  7. pmbug

    Operation Chokepoint isnt dead yet

    But there might be political capital brewing to neuter it...
  8. pmbug

    Crypto trading/market thread

    I made a coinbase account a long time ago when I was messing around with few dollars worth of bitcoin, litecoin and etherium. It had been so long since I last logged in or looked at it that I had pretty much forgotten about it. But they recently sent me an email with an offer to watch a few...
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