1. pmbug

    US Consumer Debt growing Rising rates are causing increased mortgage debt in spite of declining originations. CC debt growing thanks to double whammy of inflation at the store and rising rates on servicing...
  2. Penn

    $0.99 cent store mobbed for black friday! lol
  3. J

    When The Economy Collapses In The USA, The People Go Shopping!

    Alex Jones today, sent to me by several different sources: many of you have probably already seen this.
  4. ancona

    Thanksgiving blues, the re-mix

    And so the post-Thanksgiving spectacle of black Friday begins in earnest. Some retailers, the greedier ones, opened their doors at eight o’clock last night to thousands upon thousands of crazed consumatards, all of them climbing over top of one another to get some shiny gadget or another. As...
  5. pmbug

    The thin veneer of civilization - aka lord of the flies (consumerism idiocy)

    This post is inspired by the conversation with rblong etl al. in the thought experiment thread re: the propensity for violence to achieve selfish purposes. You might also enjoy one of my favorite "songs"...
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