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    India's Finance Minister says crypto cannot be legal tender BRICS countries don't want competition for a CBDC.
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    India to have solar power in every home by 2019 That's a lot of solar panels. That's a lot of silver.
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    Just out on the wire ! India’s gold imports surge 23% in January

    This proves the paper games that are being played in a big way right now ! Especially today !! Its up 40% year to year for crimanny sakes ! February 16, 2013 MUMBAI: India’s gold imports in January surged 23 per cent from a year ago to their highest in 18 months as traders snapped up...
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    Reserve Bank of India forbids bank loans for gold purchases

    They are a half step away from Turkey's golden solution: :paperbag:
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    India's Gujarat state almost doubles gold imports in Oct.
  6. B

    India's government seeks to dissuade people from investing in gold "Worried over the flow of savings for investment in gold, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday said...
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    India to repatriate some gold? Mr. Raghunath Shankar Kelkar, I salute you. :beer: That takes some moxy.
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    Indian Post Offices selling gold coins :gold: :gold: :gold:
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    India joining the currency wars? :popcorn:
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    Now we see the violence inherent in the system; india gold etfs The increased import duty has already been announced. :flushed: I thought Indians as a whole were smarter than this. :paperbag:
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    India Raises Gold-Import Tax for Second Time; Prices Drop Gov trying to slow peeps roll... :gold:
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    India silver imports may increase more than 4% this year

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    India gold demand (Diwali)

    Looks like gold demand in India is charging full speed ahead: More:
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