1. Carrion Crow

    A couple more PM IRAs were exposed to be rip-offs

    Most of us here know better: If you don't hold it, you don't own it. But still, I hate the idea of companies like this taking advantage of people (especially the elderly).
  2. M

    Thinking about PM IRA

    I have thinking for a while about starting a PM IRA. I'm sure this has been discussed but i can't find any threads to this matter. I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas about this. I looked into new directions and their fees seems to be competitive with others
  3. S

    Precious Metals IRA - Community thoughts

    Time to pose a question to the greater PMBug community: I'm looking for what you all think about these "IRA-approved" physical silver holdings like APMEX/Kitco/Northwest Mint and just about every other silver dealer offers in some way or another. I'm all for personal responsibility and holding...
  4. pmbug

    Warning to pensioners

    More: :noevil:
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