1. foolsgold

    Paul says everything is good, no need to worry LOL
  2. Penn

    krugman & eliz warren against audit fed
  3. B

    The Economic Argument Is Over — And Paul Krugman Won

    This article is hoot: "The argument is over. Paul Krugman has won. The only question now is whether the folks who have been arguing that we have no choice but to cut government spending while...
  4. B

    We are just not taxing the wealthy enough Article summary: The 1950s were awesome because we taxed the rich so much. We should raise taxes to 91%.
  5. B

    We just need more money printing to solve our problems!
  6. vox

    The Exponential Growth Paradigm

    The Exponential Growth Paradigm: Why we're screwed... By Karl Denninger What You Simply MUST Understand I linked a Youtube presentation a couple of days ago by a professor who explained the exponent thing. It was dry and I bet nobody went and...
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