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    MF Global 2.0 - PFGBest "MF Global 2.0 has hit tonight, as independent broker PFGBest’s customer accounts have been frozen in the wake of founder Russell Wasendorf Sr.’s suicide attempt earlier Monday. Early...
  2. pmbug

    MF Global Commodity Customers Must Be Paid First, CFTC Says

    Better late than never I guess:
  3. pmbug

    RICO lawsuit targets MF Global, CME Group, JPM

    This should be "fun" to watch:
  4. pmbug

    Gasparino: Break-Up of CME on the Table

    Charlie Gasparino says the regulators (CFTC) is considering breaking up the CME over their lack of regulation on MF Global:
  5. Unobtanium

    Plan B – How to loot nations and their banks legally

    Here is an interesting read about changes in bankruptcy laws that have opened up the door for legal looting on a massive scale when a bankruptcy occurs, via Hypothecation and Repo and derivatives trading. It is a rather long article, but I have quoted selected pieces to make it a faster read...
  6. Unobtanium

    FOFOA article: MF Global, paper hedging, buy-sell spread

    Has anyone notice the buy-sell spread for physical gold increasing lately, as mentioned below?
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    HSBC Sues MF Global Over Disputed Ownership Of Physical Gold

    From our friends at zerohedge: :clap:
  8. DCFusor

    Corzine testifying in MF Global investigation

    Watching the Corzine hearings. One of the examiners reads ZH and just mentioned should have seen the mood in the room change as they scrambled to pretend they didn't know what that meant while everyone's faces turned white as ghosts. This might be pretty big, if not "the...
  9. pmbug

    CFTC tightens limits on brokerages using customer funds Too little, too late?
  10. pmbug

    MF Customer: $50M Commodity Account Gone :paperbag:
  11. ancona

    MF Global

    I just read that the fallout from MF Global may be as much as 1.22 Billion dollars. Are you fucking kidding me?!?!? Exactly how is it that John Corzine is not in a cell somewhere being deposed by the AG?? Can anyone here explain to me exactly which part of illegally co-mingling CASH ACCOUNTS...
  12. pmbug

    MF Global: Was it a hit?

    Gerald Celente wasn't the only big time investor to get burned on the MF Global deal. Lawrence Lepard, a high net worth individual, theorizes that MF Global must have been a deliberate effort to undermine the commodity futures trading complex: Original source...
  13. pmbug

    Gerald Celente loses his paper gold

    More: tsk tsk. :paperbag: :gold: :gold: :gold:
  14. pmbug

    MF Global account liquidations might cause massive commodities selling on Friday

    The MF Global scandal might negatively impact the commodities markets on Friday. From a comment on Harvey's blog: From the ZH link:
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    MF Global dying
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