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    World Gold Council: Gold Demand Trends data for 2011 Fools! :paperbag: It is heartening to see investment demand outstripping production though.
  2. D

    US mint sell 8% of 2011 volume in a day
  3. pmbug

    Official Mint Silver Sales Surpass Domestic Silver Production in US & Canada in 2011

    More: Amazing. Investment demand outpaced domestic production all by itself. We must have imported a "few" tons of silver for industrial use too I guess.
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    US Mint sales of gold and silver eagles

    More: Interesting that US Mint sales confirm what Turk and Sprott have been saying about dollars going in to silver and gold at a 1:1 pace. GSR @ ~53 is heavy on gold when demand appears to be 1:40 right now.
  5. S

    Silver demand and supply analysis

    I found this nice technical anylysis I think overall in 2012 silver will do better ôn a % basis than the major stock indexes, bonds and cash. Dare i say also than gold, the metal of the gods? After the 2011 correction...
  6. pmbug

    Robust Demand for Bullion in Europe, Middle East and China Again - Very Little Selling

    More: It was just two weeks ago that reports of demand for physical gold in India was waning on the weakness of the Rupee were breaking news. It's been about a month and a half...
  7. pmbug

    Physical gold and silver inventory watch

    As mentioned in my original 100 ozt silver bar watch thread, I've started an Excel spreadsheet to track the inventory of a few gold and silver products at apmex. This isn't an exact science, but hopefully will yield some useful information anyway. The following report details changes from...
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    Gold price hits new record high in India

    Looks like gold demand in India is charging full speed ahead: More:
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    Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange Will this lead to increased demand for physical gold in the UAE?
  10. pmbug

    Investment demand for physical silver

    More: Source report: I thought this was an interesting report. The market supply of 100oz bars could be a measure of IRA...
  11. pmbug

    US Mint buys more gold, silver from Sunshine Minting

  12. pmbug

    Investment demand for physical gold

    Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev breaks down US Mint sales of gold coins for October: More: No irrational exuberance = no bubble. Trend is still positive. :gold:
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    Gold Supported at 144 DMA

    More: When the world wakes up to the true scope of the currency issue, physical demand is going to soar regardless of the price on the paper markets.
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    Physical supplies of 100oz bars drying up

    As of the moment, it appears that physical supply of 100oz silver is drying up., one of the largest dealers, says they are sold out: shows less that 1,000 bars in inventory:
  15. pmbug

    Investment demand vs. Industrial demand

    Found this chart while browsing around: Investment demand is now* greater than industrial demand for silver. * well it was in 2010 and all indications are that investment demand in 2011 is even greater than it was in 2010 Oh - and industrial demand has apparently been increasing too:
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