1. pmbug

    GLD gold vaulting is curious

    More: https://www.bullionstar.com/blogs/ronan-manly/amid-london-gold-turmoil-hsbc-taps-bank-of-england-for-gld-gold-bars/ Houston London, we have a problem...
  2. A

    Where did the GLD gold go?

    "The SPDR Gold Trust GLD suffered net outflows of $6.77 billion in April, with losses for the year to May 8 at $14.67 billion, according to data from IndexUniverse." So where does $14.67 billion in GLD gold go? I thought GLD represented actual bars of gold somewhere. Do they sell any excess...
  3. T

    Rampant gld fund inventory raids

    The GLD exchange traded fund is undergoing big changes, with sudden reduction in its gold inventory. Giant raids are being executed by the big US banks. They struggle mightily to meet demand and to prevent a price spike that would result from a default. The news story is simple, but the meaning...
  4. S

    Huge GLD inventory reduction is contrary bullish

    Each massive drop in inventory was followed by a great price rally. http://www.gotgoldreport.com/2013/02/huge-gld-metal-reduction-scary-buying-op-.html
  5. S

    [Video] Managing Director of GLD owns physical and miners

    Funny video, Managing Director of GLD owns physical and miners :doodoo: Just in case you forgot about LBMA "rules", see here: http://www.pmbug.com/forum/f4/%5Bvideo%5Dlondon-bullion-market-ponzi-paper-scheme-exposed-397/ Also note that he contradicts the prospectus which says that trust pm...
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