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Bitcoins are just another fiat currency. No backing whatsoever and they crashed tremendously in the past.

I would pay more attention to gold and silver.
A little research would inform you that bitcoin is not a fiat currency

Nothing is backing it. No intrinsic value. No backing.

I'm not the only one saying this...

But Bitcoins are not precious metal coins... of course.
There are only about 11 million Bitcoin at present, in total there will only ever be 21 million.

Fiat does not possess this 'limited supply' property - it can be printed in unlimited amounts, which ultimately has the effect of devaluing the previously existing fiat. (That is why Rblong2us said a little research would show you that Bitcoin is nothing like fiat.)

Personally I like Bitcoin, but there is a thread on this forum that discusses some more in depth views for and against it, which could be interesting to you.
I'm into Bitcoin as well. Just recently read that US banking system has become an extension of the NSA and the surveillance state. Couldn’t agree more that Bitcoin is such a currency and freedom loving people should and will embrace it.
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