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Gold prices are so high that my fever is almost cured. Platinum is a bargain right now considering it costs about $900 an ounce to mine.

Stacking Silver in California is INSANE...It's a State of War with Our Freedoms! #2A

Mar 6, 2024

In this video, I discuss the insane state laws governing the purchase of silver and gold in California. We also discuss the war on our Freedoms, including our 2nd Amendment rights, and the threat of CBDC. Will California lead the way in restricting the purchases of precious metals and ammo? Watch as we discuss why THIS is the gold and silver buying opportunity you can't miss and why in a world attacking our liberties, physical cash, and the US dollar the spot prices of precious metals may rise without warning. 16 mins long.


Gold Price Breaks Record AGAIN! Silver Price Fell! Here's Why!​

Mar 8, 2024


What is Really Going on With Gold?​

Lots of aged and now fresh-eyed onlookers of the global gold market have been asking themselves this week. What is Really Going on With Gold?Subscribe to our official YouTube channel here for weekly bullion market updates.
The spot gold price rallied all week to new nominal record price high levels, closing just under $2,200 oz. In a minute we'll look at where this rally might go in the short and medium through the year term.
The spot silver price also gained off the lead of gold, moving well over $24 oz to finish this week.
The spot gold-silver ratio stayed relatively flat regardless of gold's headlines, closing the week at 89.That will be all for our weekly SD Bullion Market Update.
As always to you out there, take great care of yourselves and those you love.


CNBC Gold Coverage Idiocy: https://www.cnbc.com/2024/03/06/what-...
Gold Trades Near All-Time Highs | Schwab Network: • Gold Trades Near All-Time Highs

China Adds More Gold Reserves for the 16th Month in a Row: https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/china-s-g...
The high gold prices are like high oil prices. There should be a short retracement maybe back to $2000usd, but the next leg up is $2300 after that.

Central banks and Asia are putting in a floor price as long as none of the bubbles burst, but if they do they will liquidate whatever they can to generate liquidity to cover margins.

I am betting all the financial engineering will help commercial real estate with lower interest rates, but perhaps higher qualifications to refi to keep the can rolling down the road?
Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, surf the forum in a different tab. 27 mins long.

Gold Still Massively Undervalued, Silver Setup is Unreal​

Mar 11, 2024
Ian Everard brings his unique perspective as the owner of a precious metals dealership to bear on valuing gold, silver, and platinum. Ian discusses the setup he sees for all three metals and reveals the ultimate precious metal: osmium. What is osmium, why should investors consider owning it and what are the osmium supply-demand dynamics? Ian answers these questions and more in this compelling conversation on precious metals.

00:00 Introduction
00:35 Gold is Still Undervalued
03:24 Setup For Silver
05:37 Silver's Rising Industrial Demand
08:30 Outlook on Platinum
09:38 How to Reduce Silver Premiums
11:30 What is Osmium?
15:57 Investment Thesis For Osmium
18:10 Osmium Security Features
20:00 ARK Silver Gold Osmium
21:40 Importance of Holding Precious Metals


In this video my bullion Dealer, Tim Marschner of the Coin and Stamp Shop, explains why the rising spot price of gold is a "disaster" for him. The recent bump in gold's price (and to a lesser extent, silver's price) is causing a lot of people to show interest in precious metals. Will the price of gold continue to rise? Will silver soon follow gold up? Or is there a price correction coming soon? I also ask Tim if gold and silver stackers are selling their precious metals and why. Watch as I discuss this and other gold and silver stacking topics!
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Mar 12, 2024
Gold & Silver are down due to hot inflation numbers and fed rates. Will They cut the interest rates and how will that affect silver & gold bullion. We can't be sure what is going to happen to precious metals but this may be a good time to prepare in case SHTF. Low premiums on silver, gold and 90% silver coins are still around.


Silver Price Surge Above $25! Massive Rally!​

Mar 13, 2024


How doomsday preppers made gold and silver precious end-of-the-world assets​

  • The precious metals gold and silver are favorite stores of value for doomsday preppers, along with food and water.
  • Costco added silver coins for sale as the retail warehouse giant saw sales of gold bars top $100 million in the first fiscal quarter.
  • “Lots of people are more confident that a massive disaster is impending than that American prosperity will continue,” said John Hay, the editor of “Apocalypse in American Literature and Culture.”
Among the cans of tuna and flashlights in doomsday preppers’ closets, there is an increasingly popular staple — gold bars.

The recent rise in value of the yellow metal is not just another chapter of favorable economic conditions for the asset, experts say.

People’s interest in gold — and silver, too — reflect deep anxieties about our society and its future.

“People are looking for permanence in a crumbling world,” said Timothy Morton, a philosopher and ecologist.



$27.33 Silver Is Here NOW! The Rally Continues​

How is it possible for silver to be over $27 when the spot price is just above $25?



Last month, February 2024, India made its largest monthly import of physical silver on record.

Gold finished this week slightly down from its record nominal price run last Friday.

The spot gold price again closed over $2,150 fiat US dollars per ounce and has now completed 17 weeks in a row above the building $2000 oz price support level. It wasn't too long ago that this price level was resistance.The spot silver price popped a bit this week, closing above the $25 oz threshold. It will be interesting to see when we next make a run at $26 oz, possibly next week.

As a result of silver's relative strength this week, the spot gold-silver ratio fell to a still historically high level of 85.That will be all for our weekly SD Bullion Market Update.

As always to you out there, take great care of yourselves and those you love.



Mar 16, 2024

Why can't neat shit like this happen to me?? Some neat peeps in this one.

Uncle’s HIDDEN HOARD of Gold AND Silver!! Are these Stunned Sisters Selling? #HiddenTreasure

Mar 18, 2024

In this video, my bullion dealer Tim Marschner of the Coin and Stamp Shop and I are absolutely STUNNED by the discovery of a gold hoard in a customer's possession. Where did all this gold Krugerrands and 5-ounce gold bars come from? How old is this gold and in what condition did they find it? Why did their uncle hide his gold in his attic? Did he communicate the gold's whereabouts before his death? The questions are many, but you are NOT gonna want to miss these two fortunate couples' story about a discovery of a lifetime!



Mar 20, 2024

In this video I meet back up with Silver Dragons in SD Bullion's amazing gold vault! What would YOU grab in the gold vault? Gold bars? Gold coins? Watch as we tour millions in gold and practically drool over the yellow metal! Were there any free samples??

Nothing to see, can listen in one tab, surf the forum in a different tab. FWIW (dyodd) 14 mins, 41 secs long.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bill Murphy​

Mar 20, 2024

Bill Murphy of Lemetropole Cafe and GATA.org, comments on the explosive move higher in silver of the past month: "...
The monthly silver chart is the most bullish he's seen in his life..."
- Is silver building up steam for an explosive vertical move?
- Bill notes $26 & $30 are the last two hurdles left to eclipse, by the silver bulls.
- Once those resistance points are cleared, little technical resistance remains.
- A monthly close above $30 could soon be followed by a retest of $50
.- Above $50, there is little technical resistance below $100.
- If history follows the pattern set during the last PMs bull market, silver could leave the launch pad as gold approaches $2,500.
- Since impressive silver advances are known to lag new highs in the gold market by several months, theta related, time-decay investments may be less suitable for this opportunity.
- Once the nascent bull market is recognized by the mainline media, silver show should commence!
- Mega-star podcaster, The Health Ranger, is now calling for triple digit silver, in the long-term.


Silver Price SURGE After Fed Decision! Warning Ahead!​

Mar 20, 2024

I did not listen to the schills that repeated NOT to buy fractional gold. I remember the gold old days of 6 months ago when you could buy a 1/10th oz. gold coin for $195 on sale. Not no mo'.

I only wish I bought a cleaned $5 Indian last week for $560 at BE.

Record Silver ETF Inflow into London | Gold +$2,222 oz Intra Week​

On the heels of last month's record-sized silver import volumes into India with over +70 million ounces imported for February 2024 alone.

This week, we saw record-sized capital inflows into one of the world's largest unsecured Silver ETFs, with an alleged 1,000 oz bar stored in London. Approximately three-quarters of a billion fiat dollar inflow. Or, more succinctly, an additional over +29 million ounce inflow into $SIVR silver ETF.

This physical inflow occurred in the Loco London vault system, and thus, the trading was private between parties, possibly not even affecting silver spot price markets.

The spot gold price closed over a $2,150 oz bid, completing its 18th week hovering above the building $2,000 oz price support threshold.

The spot silver price made a brief run at $26 oz before being slapped down, closing just below the $25 oz spot for the week.

The spot gold-silver ratio climbed on gold's strength to 87.5.

That will be all for our weekly SD Bullion Market Update. As always to you out there, take great care of yourselves and those you love.


Nixon clips: • 1971 Nixon Shock: The End of US Dolla...

Bullion Dealer Reveals a "Secret Stacker"! What Happened to the Silver?? #AI

Mar 25, 2024

In this video, my bullion reveals a secret stacker of silver. Tim Marschner of the Coin and Stamp Shop recalls how his father stacked huge amounts of constitutional silver--or 90% silver. Listen as Tim explains what his father taught him about investing in precious metals and the stock market. What became of the boxes of silver his father left him?


Gold +$2,230 oz | Cocoa, Silver, Gold 1970s vs Today​

Premiered 7 hours ago

Heading into this Easter 2024 weekend, gold is starting to stair step higher away from its two thousand fiat US dollar notes to afford a troy ounce of bullion, price support level.
We're about to run through trillion$ of growing reasons for this.
The silver and gold markets were both up on the week, with gold finishing trading with real upside strength.
The spot gold price closed above the $2,230 oz bid, while the spot silver price finished near a $25 oz bid.
Given gold's relative strength over silver this week, the spot-gold-silver ratio climbed to 89.
That's all for our weekly SD Bullion Market Update.
Happy Easter to all who celebrate the holiday.
And as always to you out there, take great care of yourselves and those you love.


The Ugly Truth: Why The Price Of Silver Has Not Kept Up With Gold​

Mar 29, 2024

Why is the price of silver not making news highs like gold? There is a structural shift in investors away from silver and into crypto as their get rich quick scheme.
I will look at the inflation adjusted price of silver vs. gold going back to 1980. The silver price is lagging gold by a lot even though both are lagging inflation. Should you still buy silver? That is your decision, but if you still want to invest in silver you should do it by buying the cheapest premium silver you can find. The same goes with investing in gold bullion also.


Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@FinanciallyAware/videos

Bullion Dealer SHOCKED by Big Online Dealer Visit from Texas!! IS HE DONE SELLING GOLD AND SILVER??​

Apr 1, 2024

Why did the CEO of SD Bullion visit my local coin shop dealer, Tim Marschner of the Coin and Stamp Shop? Is my bullion dealer done selling gold and silver? Is he ready to selling his coin shop--or is Chase Turner there to learn what's going on at Tim's shop? What precious metals are people buying now that the spot price of gold and silver are rising? What's coming NEXT with cash, central bank digital currencies (CBDC), and America's economy? Watch and find out! I think all American patriots and stackers should be concerned that our wealth could be at risk. As I've said many times, BE THE BANK! Don't wait for a 21st-century run on the banks to take you by surprise!


ALERT! Gold Breaks ANOTHER Record! Silver Surges​

Apr 5, 2024


I have never seen moves like these in Au & Ag in my lifetime. On one hand it is mesmerizing and on the other what is coming at us in six months?

BULLION BREAKOUT: Silver +$27.50 oz, Gold +$2,330 oz​

Premiered 7 hours ago

Uninitiated normies watching this week's SD Bullion Market Update likely won't understand. But in the coming years, if they can look back at this video. Well, they'll likely understand it better by then.
For silver bulls like myself, breaking through $26 oz resistance this week was an important technical move. By Tuesday afternoon, it was clear that the Silver Bulls would have a good week on paper.
The spot gold price set another record nominal high, closing the week near 2,330 oz bid in fiat US dollar terms.
The spot silver price ramped after clearing 26 early in the week to close trading at a $27.50 oz bid.
The spot gold-silver ratio shrunk to 84, given silver's strength on the week.
Gold's 200-day moving average is getting close to $2,000 oz, adding another plank to the growing support of this escalating nominal price rise.


That will be all for our weekly SD Bullion Market Update.
And as always to you out there, take great care of yourselves and those you love.

US Treasury admits $175.3 TRILLION net Present Value of UNFUNDED Social Security & Medicare /Medicaid: https://fiscal.treasury.gov/files/rep...see page 193 for their estimated data and time horizon ^^^

India CNBC TV18 clip source: • Gold Hits All Time High, Trades Above...

MKS Pamp's Nicky Shiels on Silver could reach record highs, as it's also an inflation hedge like Gold • MKS Pamp: Silver could reach record h...

Spot Gold Prices: https://sdbullion.com/gold-price

Shocking: Gold & Silver Prices Spike, Premiums Vanish! WHY?​

Apr 8, 2024

The price of gold is making all time highs and the price of silver is up 10% in the last week, yet the premiums on physical gold and silver have collapsed. How is this possible? If retail holders are dumping gold and silver, then who are the buyers that are driving the price of gold and silver higher? I take a look at who the potential new buyers are and why they are buying now.


ALERT! Silver Above $28! The Rally Continues!​

Apr 8, 2024


I Try to Buy a 170-ounce Gold Bar from LARGEST COIN SHOP IN AMERICA...and THIS Happens!​

Apr 8, 2024

In this video I travel to Houston, Texas to visit the largest coin shop in America--U.S. Coin and Jewelry! I try to buy a 170-ounce gold shipwreck bar from the owners Matt and Kenny--and you have to see what happens! I also tour the coin shop to see their precious metals on display and talk with some gold and silver stackers in the store. May are still buying gold despite the recent all-time record highs in gold's spot price, and I discuss with Matt the various silver products that are selling fast. Do I buy the gold bar at the stamped price of $2560.49? Watch and find out! Never before has stacking precious metals been as important to do as it is today. Protect yourself from out-of-control governments, evil central banks, and the failing US dollar's grip as the world's reserve currency. Make sure you build a stack of silver rounds, silver bars, silver coins, and gold coins as essential barter and wealth preservation!


U.S. Coins and Jewelry ➡ https://uscoinsandjewelry.com
Here's part 2.


In this second video inside the largest coin shop in America, I get to hold an ultra-rare $1,000,000 gold coin! I also continue my tour the coin shop seeing more gold and silver. I learn the difference between stacking silver and gold and coin collecting as an investment from Matt, one of the local coin show dealers at U.S. Coin and Jewelry in Houston, TX. Stacking silver and gold is a great way to protect your wealth and hedge against inflation. However, buying the right gold and silver numismatic coins can be a great way to build your wealth over time. But you have to learn how to do it! And both Matt and Kenny are expert numismatists who love to teach new coin collectors. What numismatic silver coins do I buy for my Constitutional Silver Series? Watch and find out! Never before has stacking precious metals been as important to do as it is today. Protect yourself from out-of-control governments, evil central banks, and the failing US dollar's grip as the world's reserve currency. Make sure you build a stack of silver rounds, silver bars, silver coins, and gold coins as essential barter and wealth preservation!


$2430 Gold! $30 Silver! Then FLASH CRASH! Here's Why!​

Apr 12, 2024

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