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INDIA to LONDON: Give Us Our Gold Back 🇮🇳 ▂▃▅​

Premiered 6 hours ago

Not surprisingly, it was an up-and-down holiday-shortened week in gold and silver price action with the first few days of derivative-driven price discovery being dominated by Asian trading, only to let the COMEX shorts paint the tapes lower to close the week.
The spot gold price finished at $2,330 oz bid and the spot silver price stayed strong to importantly close the month with the spot price taped above $30 oz for the monthly price breakout watchers out there in the hyper levered derivative markets.
The spot gold-silver ratio finished the week down and then up, basically flat at 76: https://SDBullion.com/current-spot-pr...
For those looking to buy the spot price dip in silver, look no further than this proper low premium sale on Pre-1964 US 90% silver coins at SD Bullion: https://SDBullion.com/deals
We're certainly not minting any more of them anytime soon. Over the past 60 years, much has been lost to industrial melt-age.
And from time to time, their price above spot premiums blows sky high, reaching nearly 50% above silver spot prices during both the 2008 GFC and, more recently, in late 2022.
If you don't think that will happen again, I have a bridge to sell you instead.
That will be all for our weekly SD Bullion Market Update.
And as always to you out there, take great care of yourselves and those you love.


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Premiered 6 hours ago
What did it feel like, being a short term Gold Silver bull today? How about this, Charlie?
With today's phony US Gov't BLS Jobs report (called the Non-Farm Payrolls or NPLs) — It was not hard to know that gold silver shorts would use that fake US government report at 8:30 AM Eastern time this morning to come flooding in with mass trading volume sales, looking to break gold silver long's stop losses.
What was hard to guess was that China's PBOC would overnight halt what was 18 months of straight Chinese Gold Reserve buying.
Of course, reporting during seemingly lawless City of London hours to help kick off waterfall price declines of nearly -$100 an ounce price decline in today's spot global gold market trading.
We'll soon make educated guesses about where we might go in the short and medium term.
The spot silver and gold markets were slammed to close this week.
The spot gold price closed just under $2300 oz bid while the spot silver price finished just above $29 oz bid.
The spot gold-silver ratio climbed to close at 78.
We alerted our bullion-buying customers today to the spot price sell-off. Luckily, inventories are pretty flush for the moment, and thus, price premiums over spot for many proper silver and gold bullion products are thin for customers to prudently acquire over this weekend:——— www.SDBullion.com/deals ———
For those buying the bullion market, take advantage of the spot price weakness this weekend and potentially into next week.
That will be all for our weekly SD Bullion Market Update.
And as always to you out there, take great care of yourselves and those you love.


Only ONE Bullion Dealer Allows an Interview While I Buy Silver! WHAT'S GOING ON IN FLORIDA?​

Jun 10, 2024 #Security #PalmettoCoinShop #Gold

In this video I travel to central west Florida and visit various precious metal bullion dealers in the area to discuss gold and silver and buy some silver for my stack. Over a DOZEN bullion dealers did not allow me to record a visit to their shop! Why? A couple of dealers said they weren't buying precious metals while the spot price was high. One dealer claimed the "snow birds" had completely cleaned them out of gold and silver! Several dealers seemed afraid to have their coin shops publicized on YouTube, and it made me wonder--are there heightened security concerns with precious metals in Florida? Only ONE bullion dealer allowed me to record my visit and that was Jake at Palmetto Coin Shop. He graciously welcomed me and tried to answer all my questions about buying and selling precious metals in the Sarasota, Bradenton, and Palmetto areas of Florida. Jake just opened his coin shop in March of 2024, but he's been collecting coins since he was 10 years old and is very excited to offer his services with collectible coins, and gold and silver bullion. Check out the Palmetto Coin Shop in beautiful Palmetto, Florida and make sure to tell him Yankee sent you!


Bullion Dealer Warns Pullback “TEMPORARY” — But THIS Could Really ROCK Precious Metals!​

June 12, 2024 #Silver #Gold #MoonShot

In this video my bullion dealer and I discuss the recent pullback in gold and silver spot price and why it happened. Was it really due to the surprising pause in massive gold buying by China in the month of May? Was it due to last week's jump in non-farm payroll figures and unemployment, and the growing fear that the Fed will not cut interest rates in 2024? Or was it really due to an influx of "short selling" by silver and gold bullion traders? Tim Marschner of The Coin and Stamp Shop explains why he thinks the spot price of gold and silver should be soaring and why this recent dip in precious metal spot price is likely temporary. I also ask Tim if he thinks the upcoming presidential elections could rock the price of gold and silver. His answer really surprised me!

I bought (4) - 20 franc gold roosters VG+ for $436 each from BGASC and they were just delivered EF, AU & BU. That was a good deal, although back in the good old days of early 2023 I was about to get a dozen @ $325 each. Inflation...
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