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Just some commodities news I come across. Not going to post daily or weekly. Just once in a while.

USD weakness provided a boost to the commodities complex yesterday, with both energy and metals pushing higher. Record US crude oil exports over the last week appear to have provided further support to oil prices


Unwanted Russian Oil Fills Singapore Anchorage​

October 27, 2022

By Elizabeth Low (Bloomberg) A fleet of tankers filled with Russian fuel oil have anchored near Singapore and Malaysia as more flows are directed toward Asia ahead of European Union sanctions that take effect early next year.

About 1.1 million tons of high-sulfur fuel oil were being stored on vessels in the week through Oct. 24, according to Vortexa. While the volume has eased slightly from a record, it’s still more than double the level a year ago. HSFO is used in power generation and to fuel ships fitted with pollution-reducing kits.

It's a good time to be allergic to gluten.

Banchero Costa Weekly Market Report, Week 44 2022​

Global LPG (liquified petroleum gas) trade was very disappointing in 2021, owing to the economic impact from COVID-19.
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I've come across a few ETFs that I like as a way to invest in the commodity space without taking on excessive risk.

NANR - this is North American Natural Resources. Big oil, ag, and metals/mining.
MOO - this is strictly agriculture sector. But a nice mix of food production, industrial (Deere), and fertilizer/inputs.
FXZ - materials sector. Metals, mining, chemicals, building materials.

I'm sure there are others out there that are good, but these are a few that I like in their respective spaces.
I'm not an advisor, due your own research/due diligence, and all that.

The secret of our success: What's behind Australia's commodities boom? | 60 Minutes Australia​

Nov 10, 2022

This is as good as it gets. We're filthy rich. As fast as we can dig up it - iron ore, gold, nickel - you name it, we're selling it. The figures are just staggering. This boom is making $1000 a second; that's a hundred million dollars an hour. What's the secret of our success? Quite simply, China and its wild rush to capitalism.
15 mins 14 secs

Well, the shortage due to the embargo on Russian oil hasn't materialized because the embargo on Russian oil doesn't go into effect until December 5 or 6. So they have some excess reserves now, but the reserves will decrease over time.

Figured I'd start 2023 off with news from the shipping world.

Containers: BOOM in 2022! BUST in 2023? | What happened in 2022 | What to look for in 2023​

What is Going on With Shipp
January 1, 2023

In this episode, Sal Mercogliano - maritime historian at Campbell University and former merchant mariner - examines the ocean container sector in 2022 and what to look for in 2023. 16:36
The Biden administration on Friday, December 30 held the first offshore oil lease auction in five years for Alaska’s Cook Inlet. The president had pledged to end new leasing for offshore drilling in his administration but as part of a compromise for the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act agreed to conduct three new lease auctions, including this one in Alaska, despite vocal opposition from environmental groups.


A Deep Dive Into Shipping And Famine​

John Konrad
January 2, 2023

This editorial dives deep into the devastating effects of shipping on global starvation. Uncover how the marine transportation of fertilizer and food is contributing to the growing hunger crisis and what can be done to prevent famine from spreading.

by John Konrad (gCaptain) The first article to recognize Russia’s blockade of food exports from Ukraine drove grain markets higher and caused world leaders to take action. A sigh of relief came when the UN announced it brokered a deal to ensure the safe passage of bulkers from Ukraine and Russia. That plan, however, has failed to meet tonnage expectations and now Russia has employed a new strategy to disrupt the world food supply… the self-sanctions of fertilizer shipments and the slowdown of inspections under the UN’s grain deal in the Black Sea.

Read the rest here:

As markets get ready to see a “commodity supercycle” driven by electrification over the next decade, copper will experience a bull market, going as high as $10 per lb, according to Gianni Kovacevic, Founder of LithiumBank Resources and best-selling author of My Electrician Drives a Porsche.
In addition to copper, Kovacevic claimed that lithium would become a “magic ingredient” in the move towards electrification.

More than commodities.............

Happy New Year. We are gradually returning from holiday and sharpening our minds and pens again for another year of economic excitement. The Christmas break is traditionally a period with very little economic news and data, which allows us to keep the first economic update of the year brief. Our main views for 2023 are still intact and nicely presented in our Global Macro Outlook 2023.


Each January, we survey the leading financial newsletter advisors asking for their favorite stocks for the coming year. With concerns over global inflation, it is not surprising that commodities are among the most popular sectors. Our MoneyShow Top Picks report 2023 includes 7 favorites among gold, silver, uranium and lithium miners.

More (long):

Looks like copper is a hot commodity in Chile.

Robbers Pull Off Multimillion-dollar Copper Heist in Chilean Port​

Chilean authorities said on Wednesday they were investigating a violent heist in Chile's main seaport where thieves stole several shipping containers filled with copper belonging to state-owned giant Codelco.

Juan Carlos Catalan, the local prosecutor, said in a statement that ten armed men entered the San Antonio port early on Tuesday morning, attacked workers and stole 13 containers, 12 of which had copper.


A little bit of everything in this 30 min 18 sec vid. Nothing to see. Recommend listening in one window and playing around in bugland in another.

The Golden Rule is Coming Soon — John Rubino​

Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Netwo
Jan 17, 2023

- Iran and Russia are talking about issuing a gold backed stablecoin.
- Ghana has started paying gold for oil, the first consignment was $40 million.
- Massive shift towards nuclear power is coming.
- They're changing the way they calculate the CPI to make it much lower in the year ahead.
- Claus Schwab and George Soros just pulled out of the Davos WEF meeting. Are they just old and dying or is something else up?
- Meanwhile the WEF has declared 2023 the year of the "polycrisis". William Gibson came up with the concept. The jackpot, everything is coming up lemons. A bunch of crises are happening at once, is the WEF trying to stop it or cause it?
- Are the Dems trying for a two-fer, getting rid of Trump and Biden for the same crime with classified docs?
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