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I'm smelling AI.

I'd been a bit on eww toob lately...last couple of weeks. Long story why. But MOAR and MOAR, I'm finding completely AI generated videos - with file-photos, story from Wikipedia, and mispronounced words and names. Often the dates are incorrect - the same mistakes made on some user-edited wiki pages.

Meantime, a few knowledgeable commentators - Ed Dowd and others - have said that the media attacks on critics of the Jab and advocates of HCQ and ivermectin, were so well-organized, and launched within minutes of each other...and often with the same writing styles...he suspects the Pentagon may have had AI technologies long before ChatGPT and others have leaked it out.

Think of a limited-hangout for technology. They'll release a little of it and pretend it's brand new...three years after a dizzying mediuh smear campaign against rational scientists and researchers.

So I think this drumbeat of TRUMP IS A FASCIST, WITH DANGEROUS WORDS!!! is just to get the impressionable, who are already crazy and have shown how easily they can be steered...get them riled up to riot and maybe take some pot shots.
Meantime, a few knowledgeable commentators - Ed Dowd and others - have said that the media attacks on critics of the Jab and advocates of HCQ and ivermectin, were so well-organized, and launched within minutes of each other...and often with the same writing styles...he suspects the Pentagon may have had AI technologies long before ChatGPT and others have leaked it out.
Interesting quote - especially juxtaposed against the Elites' campaign against farming and food.

There's no more basic a "material comfort" than nutritious food, or at least food pleasing in taste, that the masses are used to having.

Davos Man has other plans. How will that work out, I wonder? America isn't Gandhi's India - we're not going to passively starve while sitting cross-legged in a ditch.

The Truth About Trumponomics | Robert Reich​

May 28, 2024

Trump will cut taxes for billionaires and stick you with the bill.
Here are five things you need to know about Trumponomics.

^^ laughable. Doesn't matter who POTUS is. We're getting screwed either way.
Today, outside of the courthouse:

Actor Robert De Niro spoke at a news conference for President Joe Biden’s 2024 election campaign outside the courthouse where Former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial is underway.

This is FULL of information of what's going on behind the scenes!!


This is FULL of information of what's going on behind the scenes!!



Can you put up a direct link to this video, that I can go scrape the audio? I don't have time to watch talking heads for an hour and a half.

I went to Bitchute and it's not indexed. Must be shadow-banned. It's not among those listed for Tim Poole.

EDIT: Found it. It's indexed for "Timcast" - not Tim Poole. For some reason, the two don't intermix with a search.

Damn these tech autistics.
I think Trump may be wrong about Eisenhower. If you're interested look up "Operation Wetback."

As for him saying "cops should have immunity" that is a big no no for me.
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Explains things... Like we didn't already know...

BIDEN: DEI are the core strength of America, and it starts at the top with the Vice President​

"I've tapped into the full talents of our country, and it starts at the top with the Vice President."

Some interesting thoughts / opinions here for anyone with an open mind. If you think "It can't happen here" you may not want to click on to the link.

We already have American fascism. You know it as the democrat party.

Kenneth Chesebro Indicted In Wisconsin—Here Are All The Former Trump Lawyers Now Facing Legal Consequences​

Wisconsin prosecutors indicted former Trump attorney Kenneth Chesebro and James Troupis for their role in the “fake elector” scheme trying to overturn the 2020 election on Tuesday, according to multiple reports—the latest in a string of lawyers who are facing consequences for their work with former President Donald Trump.

Key Facts

Kenneth Chesebro: The attorney, who is described as the architect of the Trump campaign’s “fake electors” scheme—in which GOP officials in battleground states submitted false slates of electors to Congress claiming Trump won—was criminally charged in Wisconsin on one count of forgery, after previously being indicted in Georgia, though he took a plea deal right before his case went to trial.


We already have American fascism. You know it as the democrat party.

To be far DON"T leave out the Republicraps. I mean the Cheney's and Kissinger's of the world. They practically invented the Fascism in the USSA with the Military-Industrial intertwining.
Looks like Congressman Buck is gonna split the scene but he's not leaving it clean, I think he's gonna stick around and play politics for awhile.

Buck on congress..........

Buck on leaving Congress: More to life than ‘arguing about nothing and telling lies’​

Former Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) reflected on his time in Congress and ultimate decision to resign earlier this year in an interview Monday, saying there’s more to life than “arguing.”

“There’s a lot of life out there besides arguing about nothing and telling lies, and so I made a choice to go enjoy what I’ve got left,” Buck said during an appearance on “The Daily Show” with host Jon Stewart.

Buck, who announced his retirement from the House in March, explained that he wouldn’t follow suit with many of his former colleagues who have pushed President Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

“I left because I couldn’t tell the lie,” Buck said, when asked by Stewart if he missed Congress or felt as if he’d left anything undone. “[The] 2020 election wasn’t stolen. The Jan. 6 defendants aren’t political prisoners.”

The Colorado Republican has often sparred with some of Trump’s closest allies in the party, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). Greene, whom he has labeled as “Moscow Marjorie” over allegations that she has spread Russian propaganda, has been fervent in her belief that the election was stolen.


Couldn't help but think of this.......


Maddow Blog | Why Trump’s vow to fire ‘woke’ U.S. generals matters​

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has repeatedly clashed with U.S. military leaders, but it appears that the Republican has a plan to address this if voters give him a second term: The former president apparently intends to kick many generals out of the armed forces.

In his latest Fox News interview, which aired on Sunday, Trump boasted that he got to know “real” generals, unlike the U.S. military leaders who “want there to be woke.” (He didn’t explain what that meant.)

“Are you going to fire those generals?” one of the co-hosts asked. “The woke generals at the top?”

The presumptive GOP nominee replied, “Yes, I would get rid of them. Yeah. But see, now I know them. I didn’t know them before. But, you know, I came in, what do I know? I was a New York real estate person. But no, I’d fire. I would fire them. You can’t have woke military.”

There’s considerable evidence of Trump denigrating those who serve in the militarydisparaging wounded veterans, referring to soldiers missing in action as “losers,” blaming military leaders for failed missions he approved, and even downplaying the importance of troops with traumatic brain injuries — but in recent years, the former president has shown particular disdain for generals.


Personal experience:

Montana had its primary today. I'd voted absentee in years past, but somehow got struck from the rolls. So I had to go to the polling place...I'm not bothered, frankly, absentee is a gateway to fraud. I should have made this change when I retired, but they did it for me.

So. Republican primary ballot. Choice for President is, DONALD TRUMP or NONE OF THE ABOVE.

NO other office had that choice. We had plenty of uncontested Republican candidates, but in House and Senate, I couldn't withhold a vote except by leaving it blank. Local offices had write-in blanks, but never NONE OF THE ABOVE.

The RINO-Uniparty wing is looking EVERY WAY THEY CAN to lose this election - since they can't give us Jebster Shrub or Goober Graham.
... or NONE OF THE ABOVE. ...

While the undervote can be discovered with a little work, a listed NOTA vote makes it a matter of public record.

About 1993, I sponsored a bill in the Montana House of Representatives that would give voters the option to mark a ballot by voting for “None of the Above,” or NOTA. In the event that NOTA won, then a special election would have had to have been held. The bill was quickly defeated because, after all, what politician wants to have to face up to the possibility that the voter likes nobody better than they like the politician? In fact, one Representative, a very nice man from near Bozeman asked, “Well, how would it make a candidate feel if they lost to None of the Above?” “Just the way they should feel,” I wanted to say, but didn’t.
Proponents of the NOTA option claim that having it would cut down on negative campaigning, get more citizens to vote, serve as a reality check on unpopular candidates, and give a meaningful choice to voters where a candidate is running unopposed. These possibilities would only be possible in a situation where an election won by NOTA required a new contest with new candidates. That could get messy for election officers and political parties, but we hold elections for the people, not the parties or election workers.

They pretended it would cut down on negative campaigning?

IMHO, it's moar likely to INCREASE it.

I don't have evidence. I now ignore mAss Mediuh - I won't pollute my mind with idiocy or filth, and that's the whole of the Fake Nooze.

That guy is woefully uninformed.

Just to address one of his 7 errors, the rich and big business already pay approx 80% of the nation's tax burden, and those on the low end are virtually getting a free ride.
......and that's not opinion, but rather cold hard facts.
JUNE 11, 2024—The Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) recent public statement regarding CNN’s presidential debate makes clear CNN will violate federal law absent the inclusion of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

As previously reported, Kennedy has filed an FEC complaint alleging CNN, Biden, and Trump flagrantly violated the Federal Election Campaign Act requirement that media broadcasters use “pre-established” and “objective” criteria to determine candidate participation. Failure to use objective criteria renders the debate a campaign contribution, subject to strict donation limits.

CNN’s published debate criteria require that “a candidate's name must appear on a sufficient number of state ballots to reach the 270 electoral vote threshold.” CNN is holding Kennedy to this requirement but is not requiring Presidents Biden and Trump to meet this requirement by claiming they are the “presumptive nominee” of a political party.

The FEC has now made clear that the phrase “presumptive nominee” is “not in the FEC’s debate regulation,” and therefore does not exempt CNN from the prohibition on excessive campaign contributions. As the Commission on Presidential Debates explains, “Until the conventions take place, we don’t know who the official nominees will be.”

This means that CNN, and every member of CNN who is participating in planning, executing, and holding this debate, is at risk of prosecution, as happened to Michael Cohen, for violating campaign finance laws. This risk is now acute given that any further violation would be knowing and willful, and thus could carry with it serious jail time.

CNN and its staff are on clear notice, especially given the damning evidence that the Biden campaign has openly demanded that Kennedy be excluded from the debates and Trump received assurances from CNN that Kennedy would be excluded.

Now, with FEC’s recent statement, it appears beyond doubt the debate will, absent Kennedy’s participation, violate campaign finance laws and that CNN and its staff are knowingly and willfully violating these laws. As explained in the FEC complaint, “By demanding our campaign meet different criteria to participate in the debate than Presidents Biden and Trump, CNN’s debate violates FEC law and is a large prohibited corporate contribution to both the Biden and Trump campaigns.”

This is why Kennedy has asked the FEC to, among other things, “enjoin the Parties from holding the presidential debate scheduled for June 27, 2024 until the Parties have come into compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act.”

Does this mean the Libertarian party's nominee and RFK Jr are the only candidates that currently meet the criteria? That's going to be an entertaining shit show if they are all 4 in the debate...
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