EU proposes mandatory scanning of every private message, photo, and video


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The European Union’s executive body is pushing ahead with a proposal that could lead to mandatory scanning of every private message, photo, and video. The EU Commission wants to open the intimate data of our digital lives up to review by government-approved scanning software, and then checked against databases that maintain images of child abuse.
If you’re in one of the EU’s 27 member countries, it’s a good time to contact your Member of European Parliament and let them know you’re opposed to this dangerous proposal. Today, our partners at European Digital Rights (EDRi) launched a website called “Stop Scanning Me,” with more information about the proposal and its problems. It features a detailed legal analysis of the regulation, and a letter co-signed by 118 NGOs that oppose this proposal, including EFF. German speakers may also want to view and share the Chatkontrolle Stoppen! Website run by German civil liberties groups.

Even if you’re not an EU resident, this regulation should still be of concern to you. Large messaging platforms won’t withdraw from this massive market, even if that means abandoning privacy and security commitments to their users. That will affect users around the globe, even those that don’t regularly communicate with persons in the EU.

More (including reference links to the proposal and to activist measures):

I guess it would eliminate the middleman in having the NSA do it all and then share the data with them.
What makes people think they already aren't doing this?

Sounds like they want to 'announce' to the world they're planning on doing what they've already been doing....
It's not legal in most countries to spy on the domestic population. Most countries spy on foreigners and then share their intel with allies. Mutual sharing agreements gets around pesky legal issues, but might not be ideal as countries don't own the data or process and are limited to what their allies can mine. Direct domestic surveillance means more power and control of information.
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before the age of digital storage, the physical aspects of having dossiers on each and every citizen was an impossible task to perform

but today, we're heading towards the Matrix where even abortions can be salvaged and plugged in if only to provide more power for the system

storage space is cheap and will fit into someones pocket, that alone can contain information on thousands of individuals

why waste anymore time on one file at a time???

that's a thought process some humans possess, and when we become a commodity, there will be plenty who will use it as a tool to control that inventory that now suddenly is believed to Belong To Them

and a rant here:
we're not a democracy, we're a republic

anyone else here see how hard it is to now tell people we're a Republic?

that process is only accelerating now...
What we need is a giant super duper sized CME from the Sun to reset everything.
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