1. pmbug

    United States v. Chatrie - geofence warrants and the Fourth Amendment

  2. searcher

    Tesla workers shared sensitive images recorded by customer cars

    From the link: Private camera recordings, captured by cars, were shared in chat rooms: ex-workers Circulated clips included one of child being hit by car: ex-employees Tesla says recordings made by vehicle cameras ‘remain anonymous’ One video showed submersible vehicle from James Bond film...
  3. pmbug

    EU proposes mandatory scanning of every private message, photo, and video

    More (including reference links to the proposal and to activist measures): I guess it would eliminate the middleman in having the NSA do it all and then share the data with them.
  4. cheka

    facial recognition AI systems being installed in amerika

    my fellow communists --- is this the country we want? redacted watching us 24/7? too, this is why some (redacted) still wear the covid makkses. what do the redacted do about this? the stupid covid makks defeats their AI spy grid...
  5. pmbug

    Disable ad ID tracking on IOS and Android

  6. T

    Don't like search engines tracking you? Run your own!

    I run this on my NAS but there are many options, a Raspberry Pi will do the job.
  7. SongSungAu

    John Stossel's interview with Edward Snowden

    Time flies. Edward Snowden has been living in Moscow for over nine years now. Almost two years ago, John Stossel uploaded this interview with Snowden. The video below should begin at a bit over the one hour mark where John Stossel asks Snowden what life is like in exile. It's interesting...
  8. searcher

    Fog Reveal - Every Step You Take - Every Move You Make - Someone's Watching You

    Government agencies and private security companies in the U.S. have found a cost-effective way to engage in warrantless surveillance of individuals, groups and places: a pay-for-access web tool called Fog Reveal. The tool enables law enforcement officers to see “patterns of life” – where and...
  9. B

    Surveillance State-USA

  10. pmbug

    Privacy, encryption vs. Surveillance state

    NWO doesn't like end to end encryption. This is one of the most fundamental issues regarding liberty and tyranny of our age. Should the five eyes succeed, it will give governments around the world massive potential for tyranny and abuse...
  11. S

    WIKILEAKS: Surveillance Cameras Around The Country Are Being Used In A Huge Spy Network

    The U.S. cable networks won't be covering this one tonight (not accurately, anyway), but Trapwire is making the rounds on social media today—it reportedly became a Trending hashtag on Twitter earlier in the day. Trapwire is the name of a program revealed in the latest Wikileaks bonanza—it is the...
  12. ADK

    New Laser Scanner Tech

    Ahh, Homeland Security... I can agree with the purpose of detecting dangers at an airport... but *you know* that this will end up coming to use in many questionable situations...
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