1. pmbug

    Disable ad ID tracking on IOS and Android

  2. Zed

    Don't like search engines tracking you? Run your own!

    I run this on my NAS but there are many options, a Raspberry Pi will do the job.
  3. searcher

    Fog Reveal - Every Step You Take - Every Move You Make - Someone's Watching You

    Government agencies and private security companies in the U.S. have found a cost-effective way to engage in warrantless surveillance of individuals, groups and places: a pay-for-access web tool called Fog Reveal. The tool enables law enforcement officers to see “patterns of life” – where and...
  4. S

    WIKILEAKS: Surveillance Cameras Around The Country Are Being Used In A Huge Spy Network

    The U.S. cable networks won't be covering this one tonight (not accurately, anyway), but Trapwire is making the rounds on social media today—it reportedly became a Trending hashtag on Twitter earlier in the day. Trapwire is the name of a program revealed in the latest Wikileaks bonanza—it is the...
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