How Gold & Silver SAVED My LIFE!


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Interesting vid where Sal talks about financial sanity, changing bad habits for good habits, paying bills and more. 13 mins 41 secs.

How Gold & Silver SAVED My LIFE!​

Apr 16, 2023


Gold for safe passage: How a family of 12 escaped from Sudan​

9h ago

I scrambled up the stairs for the 12th time that day. Since the outbreak of violence in Khartoum on April 15, I had been advocating for our departure to no avail. My parents, elderly and set in their ways, had pledged to die where they stood before being subjected to the adversity of displacement.

It was April 22, day eight of the fighting and already getting too late to leave.

We were a big family of 12. The youngest, my nephew Yassin, was not even two. Throughout all the intense meditation, matched by the outside sounds of fighting, my sister-in-law Tibyan, who lived in the same compound above my parents, was my biggest ally. We lobbied arduously, never shying from weaponising sensationalist war rhetoric to get the job done.

Having previously worked in post-war Darfur for the United Nations between 2006 and 2012, I knew what came after the hostilities. I told stories of rape and starvation and Tibyan, a mother of five, was more receptive to them than the others.

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