How Paper Money Turns Governments into Predators

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How Paper Money Turns Governments into Predators​

Aside from stealing your life savings and launching depressions, one of the nastier features of paper money is what it does to governments.

In short, paper money transforms governments from parasite to predator. Because once a government can print what it likes, it no longer needs taxes.

Meaning it no longer needs us.

We saw this in living color during the Covid lockdowns. Just imagine a world without a central bank where, in the first days of the pandemic, some young bureaucrat proposed shutting down the entire economy. No worries, he'd say: the economy – and tax revenue – will shrink by half. But we can just lay off half of government workers.


It's an important concept that I'd landed on long ago. One writer whose name I no longer remember, called it Fake Money. As opposed to Real Money, money backed by PM or other tangible assets.

Fake money, being essentially costless to create, leads government to go on all kinds of new agendas, missions, targets. Some are worthwhile - at first, or seemingly. But, allowing for the nature of people who are drawn to government positions - control freaks, often with personal covert agendas - the cost-free programs can turn evil.

Consider what has happened in this nation. Nixon abandoned the gold standard because he didn't want to face the real cost of his Endless War. So, money-printing (with glib promises of how "temporary" it was, and only because of unreasonable foreign demands) enabled him to continue on until political pressures forced a temporary cessation in Endless War.

But that was just the start. From there, entitlement programs were expanded; government created its own Synthetic Fuels Corporation (which spent billions of dollars and delivered NO product or technology) and social experiments like the Mariel Boatlift.

And after a twelve-year relative stay - but retaining the source of Fake Money - we moved it into high gear. At this point we have Ethanol Mandates in petrol - ethanol being an expensive-to-make, poor fuel that delivers half the energy of gasoline, damages engine parts and does nothing, in real-world use, to mitigate emissions. We have a government monopoly on college tuition loans - with the predictable result of tuitions exploding, borrowers defaulting, and universities catering to government's political and ideological demands.

We have Saint Anthony of Fauci, building Gain-Of-Function research facilities worldwide - getting around those narrow-minded Dark-Ages conservatives who resisted his humanitarian concepts. And we have the result, or one result, of all his minions' work. Paid for with Fake Money, fresh off the CTRL+PRNT keys.

And it culminated with the COVID Circus - first, the lockdowns - ordered by government scientists, highly-paid and with zero evidence that Martial Law would stop spreading disease. Police and other officials paid, by government, to shut down churches and "non-essential" (small and independent and locally owned) businesses. Stimmy Checks from Heaven, to pay people to do nothing but surf the Web and slowly go insane.

HUGE gobs of money paid to the Big Pharma components, to provide a "vaccination" that did nothing, except put the patient through a Klaus-Schwab genetic experiment, without his consent. MORE Fake Money to punish people who resisted this toxic Jab. Money to mediuh to propagandize this.

And now, where we're at, much, much more money to hide, distort, obfuscate the entirely-predictable result of this Science Fair experiment gone wrong.

And while it's going on...FAKE MONEY TO SUPPORT ILLEGAL INVADERS. $3000 a month to support people who are NOT American and BROKE LAWS ENTERING. This in the hope that they'll either establish state residence and find a way to vote D, or create enough chaos that the Ruling Caste can impose permanent Martial Law.

Destroy this Fake Money, with a dollar collapse and a return to precious-metal-based money...destroy it, and ALL these lethal projects, and more, ALL STOP. Money will again be serious - it will represent WORK and PRODUCTION and will be limited. There will be none for projects that simply irritate, injure or kill the public; none for projects that REDUCE productivity.

I wonder if it will be possible at this late date to learn this, without a Yugoslavia-style collapse.
You think paper money is bad wait until they force everyone to digital currency.
It's not paper money that's the problem.

The problem is (virtually) unlimited unit of money creation. Ie: debasement. Be it paper, digital or other.

Edited to add: it comes down to people wanting something for nothing.
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