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    The Seventh Characteristic of Money

    The Six Characteristics of Money We are roughly a century into the grand experiment with a central bank fiat monetary world order (half a century on a pure fiat system). For many people, pure fiat money is all that they have ever known. The lessons of history with respect to money have been...
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    How Paper Money Turns Governments into Predators

    How Paper Money Turns Governments into Predators Aside from stealing your life savings and launching depressions, one of the nastier features of paper money is what it does to governments. In short, paper money transforms governments from parasite to predator. Because once a government can...
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    Currency debasement, roman emperors and sound money

    Just a couple stories I found interesting.
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    Three Congressmen Introduce Gold Standard Bill to Stabilize the Dollar's Value

    Three Congressmen Introduce Gold Standard Bill to Stabilize the Dollar's Value Posted on April 4th, 2023 Washington, DC - As America faces the twin threats of inflation and bank failures, three U.S. congressmen introduced a pivotal sound money bill that would enable the Federal Reserve note...
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    ChatGPT: Sound money vs fiat Macho Man Randy Savage style

    Please compare and contrast currency value stability during periods where sound money were employed versus periods where fiat currencies were employed. Respond in essay form using Macho Man Randy Savage's voice with citations formatted with BB Code hyperlinks.
  6. pmbug brings the lulz
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    Gold, Bitcoin and Money

    Decent effort at addressing the issue, it does miss a few important points (I will elaborate later if folks are interested):
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    How Sound Money Saved American Revolution.

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    In Money We Trust The documentary aired on PBS and you can watch it here:
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    Goodbye Fiat Currency! Gold Standard Returns To America!!

    Gold standard has not FULLY returned yet but US states are pushing for it due to lack of confidence of the FEDs solution to print endless amounts of money. I think more states and countries will follow this much needed solution to fake economies and fake fiat currencies. Even if you agree with...
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    bis-says-gold-is-currency-not-commodity From the Bank for International Settlements International Convergence of Capital Measurement and Capital Standards: Page 179 “Gold is to be dealt with as a foreign exchange position rather than a commodity...
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    Ron Paul and HR 1098: Free Competition in Currencies

    It seems painfully obvious to me that given events that are shaping the future for the US Dollar, we are headed for a currency crisis. Most pundits in the financial media, at least the ones who dare to discuss this topic, usually point to two options - default on the debt or monetize the debt...
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    Posting for reference for those who haven't seen it (because I reference it all the time): :gold: Tradition! :gold:
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