I went to Chicago


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I wanted to save .75 on tolls- so I took a turn- and I was wildly lost for 2 hours and 60 miles. I saved $10 in tolls- but used up 2 gallons of gas and 2 hours. It was dark, rain, construction and I did not have my driving glasses.

My brother had an AC for me, and 4 lap tops he got off the job.

So-of that- 3 of the lap tops are sold along with 1 I had.

The other night- his neighbor next door walked in the house at 1AM, hollaring- and told me I left the garage door open. He was lucky he wasnt shot!
So- then- I gets in trouble- he told my brother all about how I left the door open. I did not do it. My brother was the last one home. If I need something from my car I used the entry door. It bugs me that the drunks assessment is truth and my doing is- not acceptable. hence- I cut the visit short. He is working 12+ hour days- so- it isnt like it is quality time. I only would escalate things. He is not running a hotel. so basically I stayed 2 nights.

I got home an hour ago. I came home to a hungry cat. The neighbor who was going to feed her never came.

On the way back, I found my driving glasses.

I notice on menus of food places- they want to sell a package. I was at bruger king on the turn pike- and I asked for a simple egg sandwhich. $1.75, where as the other entries were $4ish.

I had gotten my hair cut at the beauty school- and -let me tell you. That gal got mad that I called for the instructor. I asked for a marine flat top. Her cut looked nothing like it. I point is- that age group- wants folks to clap and cheer over a bad hair cut. (everyone wins a trophy generation) now mind you- they had a sale- if you buy a hair cut you get a manicure for $3. I figured- yeah. She never soaked my hands- no massage- she even had the nerve to ask me if I wanted my nails cut!! When I left- I could still see the dirt under my nails from the garden. But hey- that generation- everyone gets a prize. Her defiant look she gave me- is like she cursed me because I would not clap and cheer over the non items she did to improve me!!

So- my trip cost me $255. I hope the 3 lap tops I sold will cover that.