Inventory stress on the COMEX driving market manipulation?

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Dave in Denver with a thought provoking blog post:
Bill pointed out that the action in the shares on Friday - unexplainably lower - forecast today's action in the metals, as the big bank manipulators - left unregulated by the regulators - usually hit the mining shares before they try to raid the metals. I agreed with that for the most part except that the hit on silver didn't work on Friday. It's true the hit on the shares forecast this but the reason for it is to try and reduce the amount of actual Comex gold and silver deliveries they have to make, especially if the receivers (stoppers) ask for the metal to be delivered off the Comex. I think there's a real inventory stress building on the Comex. I think the advent and growth of SLV and GLD alleviated this for a few years but now more investors are understanding the difference between ETFs and real metal and the risks of leaving your metal with a questionable custodian. Just the movement of the reported inventory of metal at the Comex over the past couple of weeks tells us something unusual is going on.


When you consider the news about miners being approached directly by buyers of size, it lends credence to the idea that the existing market system might be breaking down.
As certain as I am that folks here are familiar With Harvey Organ, I thought it appropriate to put a link to his site in the thread. Those who are not familiar with Harvey, rest assured that he's a PM maven.
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