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  3. pmbug

    FT says CFTC to drop silver investigation

    More: :noevil:
  4. DCFusor

    Fed memo admitting price manipulation

    Over at ZH...interesting stuff.
  5. pmbug

    Analysis of trading data on April 4th smash

  6. Unobtanium

    Silver and crossword puzzles

    The manipulation of silver has made it into a Dutch crossword puzzle:
  7. S

    HFT robots caught manipulating paper silver (SLV)

    Great Nanex article on HFT robots caught manipulating SLV Also posted by ZH:
  8. S

    Detailed video presentation (141 slides) about gold price suppression [+PDF]

    Here's a 141 pages presentation by some Dutch guy on gold price suppression. He seems to be a bit conspiracy theory oriented, but the technicalities are described pretty well. PDF: He put this presentation into 19...
  9. D

    Silver manipulation

    So every day I make it a point to read Ed Steer's Gold and Silver Daily, (which I'd recommend to any of you guys out there if you don't already get it) and just as sure as the sunrise, he makes reference to silver price manipulation. Frankly, I can't remember a recent time that he hasn't. So...
  10. pmbug

    Blythe Masters, the wicked witch, spreading her wings
  11. pmbug

    The stock market was rigged

    More: This whole thing reminds me of a puppet show. Joe Q. Public is the audience. Wall Street and FedGov take turns being the puppet and the puppet master.
  12. S

    Silver options expiry manipulation in one chart

    Silver options expiry manipulation in one chart by Jesse´s café Américain: Not as clear as gold, but still obviously manipulated
  13. pmbug

    Inventory stress on the COMEX driving market manipulation?

    Dave in Denver with a thought provoking blog post: More: When you consider the news about miners being approached directly by buyers of size, it lends credence to the idea that the existing market system might...
  14. S

    Intraday gold price manipulation (10 am ET)

    The following charts clearly show that gold is beeing manipulated on an intraday scale right before the 10 am ET London PM gold fixing ( ): Dimitri Speck has examined the data, the following charts are from his book "Geheime Goldpolitik" (secret goldpolitics) which is...
  15. pmbug

    The President's Working Group on Capital Markets (aka PPT - Plunge Protection Team)

    ZH highlighted this important story today: More: Background material: - the IMF discusses the PPT (.PDF): -...
  16. S

    Price Irregularities in the Silver Market
  17. pmbug

    SLV / JPM forecasts central bank intervention? It would be interesting to see some data on this.
  18. pmbug

    SLV And Silver Manipulation

    Jeff Nielson speculates on JPMogan's COMEX shorting: It will be interesting to see if his assertions get any sunshine in the class action...
  19. pmbug

    Nine blows against the gold price suppression scheme

    I haven't talked much about the issue of price suppression yet, but Chris Powell of GATA posted a nifty summary of some significant events over the last couple of years and I highly recommend reading it if you are not familiar with the story: Much, much more:
  20. pmbug

    Algorithms, Bullion and Criminals: The ABC’s of Understanding Precious Metal

    More (full analysis): The larger point Mr. Kirby doesn't address is that the bullion banks are having to reduce their systemic, serial gold and silver short positions because invetsment demand in the physical market is forcing their hand. $.02
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