John Stossel's interview with Edward Snowden


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Time flies. Edward Snowden has been living in Moscow for over nine years now.

Almost two years ago, John Stossel uploaded this interview with Snowden.

The video below should begin at a bit over the one hour mark where John Stossel asks Snowden what life is like in exile. It's interesting and then the conversation moves on to what people can do to protect themselves, the surveillance problem, and the third party doctrine.

If you want to watch from the beginning, you will need to pull the slider thing back to the start.

The FULL Snowden Interview (1:43:29)​

Published on Dec 21, 2020 by John Stossel​
Here's my full interview with NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden — it’s the longest interview I've ever posted.​
I once was unsure if Edward Snowden -- who leaked documents showing that the NSA spied on Americans -- was a hero, or a traitor who made us all less safe.​
Now I've done my research, and I think he's a hero. What do you think? Our full interview, above, will help you decide.​
I've watched this video several times. It is a good listen. Much information. Thanks.
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