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My diipest sympathies to the curators of the President's account :)
I read it as her message to the person looking at her t shirt
So yeah I am fatter than you ......
Pretty funny, but you spelt "Bidet" wrong.

My excuse is dyslexia, not dementia.

However, I am starting to invoke 'elder abuse' as a fallback when things go wrong.

Getting on has some benefits, I've got my name down for US President. It looks like fun, ride in a helicopter, spout incoherent nonsense to a sycophantic press while eating ice cream, fiddle with the nuke buttons, sooooo many holidaze, and you get paid by all sorts of people. Ideal retirement gig IMO.
If it ended with him getting hit by a car, then I would know it wasn’t just a trolling tweet.

Dude is legit, there are a few loons in the area known to the gen pop. Mad as they come...
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