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If you're a motor your thing.

Looks like a circus ride with that paint job...
Never understood why they painted trucks up like that.

Truck Mechanic Reacts to Worlds BIGGEST ENGINE. (Interesting)!!!​

Jan 15, 2023

In this video we are reacting to the Worlds Biggest Diesel engine from the perspective of a Diesel Truck Mechanic. Very interesting. 12:56


A Tractor Tribute: See The Beautifully Restored 1947 W-9 McCormick Deering​

Feb 9, 2023


We head to central Texas for the story of a beautiful W-9 McCormick Deering farm tractor like one that was used in the rice fields of the Lone Star State back in the 1950s. Bernard Selensky restored this tractor to honor the late Neil Burnside, a World War Two B-29 pilot and rice farmer who helped out with work opportunities back in Bernard's high school and college days. The W-9 tractor was in the International Harvester line up from 1940 to 1953. Burnside farmed about 500 acres of rice with four W-9 tractors.



Liebherr T-252 Documentary​

Mar 5, 2023

A look at a HUGE 2003 LIEBHERR T-252 200-ton class mining truck. Earn a lot from PAmining? Then join the channel today for more mining experience! 11:59

Chapter List:
00:00 Introduction History
01:08 Engine Options/ Power
02:13 Front Suspension
03:06 Service Fluid Capacities
04:03 Alternator/ Drive Train
04:52 Dimensions
06:41 Cab/ Controls
10:05 Braking System/ Rear Suspension
11:15 Payload
11:34 Weight/ Conclusion History



Homemade Tank Part 1 (Basic Frame)​

Jun 26, 2016

This is the first part in the series of the construction of my homemade tank! in this video I review the basic frame construction, the road wheel arms, and introduce the suspension plan. Thanks for watching! 6:53

If you want to watch all the vids in the series go to the channel, click on playlist, and then click on homemade tank. Enjoy.


Good for automotive world news:



Xpeng Copying Tesla Architecture; BMW Reveals Most-Powerful EV - Autoline Daily 3547​

Apr 17, 2023


Autoline provides daily global automotive news. Top auto executive interviews. Automotive insight & analysis. EV, AV & ICE technology, car sales & financial earnings, new car reviews.

0:00 Indonesia Gets More EV Investment
0:44 Porsche Sales Up, But EVs Down
1:26 Xpeng Copying Tesla Architecture
3:00 VW Pulls Camo Off ID.7
4:23 Lancia Concept Hints At Its Next 10 Years
5:34 Volvo Increases Rear Seat Luxury
7:01 i7 M70 is BMW's Most-Powerful EV
7:59 Ram Leaves Little Doubt About Mid-Size EV

Story Links:
VW Joins Indonesia Nickel Mining Project:
Porsche Sales:
New Xpeng Platform:
VW ID. 7:
Wild Lancia Concept:
Volvo EX90 Rear Seat:
BMW i7 M70:
Ram Mid-Size Truck EV:

Read the transcript here:


Redneck Rice Tractor Drag Racing in Thailand​

Apr 1, 2023


Rollag Minnesota Steam Engine and Tractor Show 2022 Part 1 | WMSTR​

Mar 31, 2023


Steam trains, and steam traction engines and large stationary engines, steam shovels, and much more, it's all at the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion! Check it out with us! Check out Part 2 of the 3 part series at this link: • Rollag Minnesota ...

The Grand Tour - Behind The Scenes of EuroCrash​

May 24, 2023


16 June the new episode "Eurocrash" of The Grand Tour will be available on Prime Video. In this episode Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will travel over 1.400 mile through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.
In this video we show you what happend behind the scenes.


You can also find us at:Website:

Over Dimensional Steel Mill Components | Buchanan Hauling & Rigging​


256 MPH in a 1000 HP Homemade V12 Race Car - El Mirage, CA Land Speed Trials 7/9/2023​

Jul 10, 2023


Team Aardema Braun set a new record today at El mirage Lakebed in California on July 9, 2023 reaching a speed of 256.5 mph. This was done with their custom 6 liter hand built homemade V12 engine that produces 1000 horsepower. Driver Scott Goetz drove the beast with a record setting pass putting 8 miles per hour over the old record. To see more interesting engine builds and land speed accomplishments please check out the channel.


Crisis Coupe: The American Wartime Compact Light Car Projects​

Jul 12, 2023


A classic car connaisseur dives into the secret 'light car' compact car projects made during the Second World War by American carmakers to keep the nation on the move. Most project were cancelled, like the Chevrolet Cadet by General Motors, others continued in Europe as small cars, like the Ford Vedette. We also look into some other American small compact cars of the 1950s, like the Hudson Jet and Nash Rambler trying to fight the fullsize tailfinned regular cars.
Trying to decide which one to order.

2024 Subaru Crosstrek VS Toyota Corolla Cross || Which Is The Best Small SUV?​

Jul 19, 2023


2024 Subaru Crosstrek VS Toyota Corolla Cross Review. We review the 2024 Subaru Crosstrek and Toyota Corolla Cross to see which is the best affordable small crossover SUV to buy. We also cover the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid, Honda HR-V, and Mazda CX-30 to see how they compare. If you are buying a 2024 Subaru Crosstrek or Toyota Corolla Cross, make sure to watch this comparison review.

Crisis Coupe: The American Wartime Compact Light Car Projects​

Jul 12, 2023


A classic car connaisseur dives into the secret 'light car' compact car projects made during the Second World War by American carmakers to keep the nation on the move. Most project were cancelled, like the Chevrolet Cadet by General Motors, others continued in Europe as small cars, like the Ford Vedette. We also look into some other American small compact cars of the 1950s, like the Hudson Jet and Nash Rambler trying to fight the fullsize tailfinned regular cars.

There is a common thread in this.

Where was the demand for small cars? ONLY FROM GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. They didn't want "those people" sullying the roads with cars that were bigger than what they, the Elites, thought the Little People should have.

Government demands and incentives, led to creation of all these cars. The Henry J was created by was basically a finishing job of a car that was designed by Budd Company. K-F was in trouble right from its creation - Henry Kaiser didn't understand the auto industry; he had gotten rich off GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS.

His auto company was in trouble (but not his other businesses) and this, he thought, was a way to get tax credits and goodwill from the people who really counted - in government.

He built, he shipped, and few people bought. They simply didn't want slow, small cars.

The price didn't help, either. Here's something few understand: It's almost as expensive to build a small car as a large one. All the overhead - the designers, the testing, the stamping presses, the foundries, all cost the same. Raw steel is cheap.

So a small car is going to cost nearly as much as a large one. But people LIKE large cars, so the profit margin is bigger.

The Chevrolet Cadette had the same issue. Wartime, and industries were all controlled by the War Production Board. As the narrator says, no one knew how long the war would last. But cars were falling apart - it was obvious that SOME civilian carmaking would have to resume, no matter what.

Government wanted small. So they designed the Cadette.

Then peace and no more military controls. Nobody wanted it. Buyers preferred even the dated prewar Chevrolets, which the company had resumed making.

The Ford Cardinal was Ford's effort; and for the same reason. But Old Henry was recently retired, and Hank the Deuce wanted nothing to do with those small cars. Big cars for big Americans. So the engineering work, including the design of the V-4 that was to power was all sent to Ford of Europe, where some of it was incorporated in the Ford Taunus in Germany.

Nash built a small car, the succeeded well enough that it was made five years; and then, four years after discontinuance, the dies were brought out to make the resurrected Rambler American. That was the only success of this government drive for small cars - one car line out of one small manufacturer, was enough for all of the few small-car devotees that were.

But the Rambler was not that cheap to buy, and Nash, later American Motors, never made enough money on it to flourish.

Only the Volkswagen really succeeded; and while its small size was part of the success, its low cost (weak deutchemark and low labor costs) and its extraordinary quality (because, German engineering, ja?) made it a 27-year perennial.

The list of failed small cars is a long one. And there are only a handful, in over a hundred years, that succeeded.

Machinery Pete TV: July 22, 2023​


Pete finds some gems close to home in Minnesota - among them a beautiful 9620RX that brought top dollar at the sale.
Hosted by Greg Peterson (aka “Machinery Pete”), the most trusted name in farm equipment, Machinery Pete TV brings to life the fascinating world of machinery – both new and used. Along with up-to-the-minute industry headlines, “Machinery Pete TV” goes on the road to visit innovative dealerships, plus it gives viewers an inside look at some of the most talked about auctions across farm country.


1959 Massey-Ferguson 98, owned by a competitive tractor puller who is also a nurse and Mom!​

Jul 21, 2023


Ashley Wilhelm of Pennsylvania is a highly competitive tractor-puller, who caught Classic Tractor Fever from her Dad and her Grandpa. She's a nurse, a Mom, and a life-long fan of classic farm tractors. She shared the story of her beef Massey-Ferguson 98, built back in 1959.

Spent the weekend at the Tri-State Antique Tractor and Thresher Show in Bird City, Kansas. My father in law had a 1937 John Deere D in his yard that was in pretty rough shape. He said we could have it, so we got it restored. Here he is driving the fully restored tractor in the parade at the show:

The guy who did the restoration has a big collection of antique tractors, including a John Deere MT. We had an MT on the farm where I grew up, and I am familiar with that tractor, so I tried to buy it from him. He didn't want to part with it, as it was the only MT in his collection. He did, however, have a couple of Model M tractors, and so I was able to buy one of those from him. I drove that one in the parade:

Always a good time hanging around with tractor guys, and the old school tractors might not be PRECIOUS metal, but there is value in that good old school workhorse iron.
How about the "styling" it had 1960-75 - form following function?

Yeah, I know, our masters in GUBBERMINT won't let us HAVE useful, practical, inexpensive, desirable products. Not cars made as we want, not washing machines that wash clothes properly.

Floating Fun: The History of the Amphibious Boat Car​

Aug 9, 2023


A classic car connaisseur dives into the general history of amphibious cars and vehicles. When dit people start to build boat-car crossovers? What made Hans Trippel's Amphicar 770 and the Gibbs Aquada so special? And why don't you see a lot of amphibious automobiles out on the road and water these days?
I was an eight-year-old kid when that thing came out; and like a sharp kid would be, I was intrigued by it.

As it happened, I saved some write-ups on it. Not intentionally; my older brother subscribed to Popular Science Monthly, and old issues got saved.

Their beatnik reporter Robert Gannon ("Our Go-Anywhere, Do-Anything reporter") was drafted to test the Amphicar.

In a flood on the Northern Mississippi up in Minnesota. Gannon's task was to drive the Amphicar from New York City to Minneapolis and then launch it on the Mississippi, and however it came. I don't know if the flood was part of the plan, but he was using it with a cop to rescue people stranded on rooftops.

But it didn't come off as a very practical vehicle. The heater was substandard. The car was geared too low for long freeway trips. And speed in the water was about 10 knots...not very fast at all, about what a 3hp outboard could do.

Of course, body rust from regular use...would lead to perforations and eventually to "compromises" in watertight integrity. In other words, holes in the tub, and a sinking car-boat.

I found it interesting, an entertaining way for a grownup to make money. Thinking back on the review, it now comes across in memory, as a sad little attempt to answer a question no car buyer had asked.

No wonder they only sold a tenth of what they anticipated.
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