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Orange Spectacular! In The Field With Allis Chalmers Tractors And Machinery in Minnesota!​

Dec 4, 2023


If you like seeing farm machinery and classic tractors at work in the field - then WATCH THIS! It's a look back to the field action at the 2011 Orange Spectacular in Hutchinson, Minnesota. It's a great show -- PACKED with Allis Chalmers tractors, machinery and people! Don't miss their next show in July, and find out more at their website:

Watch Full Length Episodes And DVDS On Our Website.Visit:

In Depth Look at the Case IH 160 Series Combine from the Best Seat in the Field​

Dec 7, 2023

The Case IH 160 Series Combine has a wide range of features, including automation, bigger grain tank, and variable speed feeder. In this episode, Illinois farmer Jay Peterson discusses how the machine has helped improve efficiency on his operation.


- Learn more about the Case IH 160 Series Combine:

The Kenworth That Conquered The Desert! ▶ Kenworth 963/953s​

Nov 24, 2023

Ed's good for entertainment.

Haulin' All-rounder: The History of the Pickup Truck​

Dec 12, 2023

A classic car connaisseur dives into the history of the versatile vehicular jack-of-all-trades: the pickup truck! What was the first pickup truck? What is the difference between fleetside, stepside, extended cab and crew cabs trucks? And what has the future in store for pickups? We also look at the many flavours of trucks, like the sports truck, lifestyle truck and the 'ute'. Find out in this automotive history episode!

...anyone here actually DRIVE one of those GM/Chevrolet Task Force-series trucks?

I have. The drive was underwhelming - a six was not only standard, a V8 was only available from 1958 and in limited numbers. The bench seat had NO contour and springs were unduly soft. The three-on-the-column shifter worked okay except that the long throws, far up to 2 and then far down to 3, made it unnatural-feeling.

The clutch, IIRC, was awfully-heavy. The pedals were pivoted to the truck frame, with a rod through the floor - for clutch and brake. The later C-Series trucks with suspended pedals, were far more pleasant that way.

Then...the really damning aspect. We think of trucks of that era as being work-oriented. And they were, compared to today's lifted-sedans-with-boxes-in-back. But...the Task Force trucks were just DRIPPING with non-essential styling touches that promoted rust and made use harder.

Start with the dogleg windshield pillar. That offered nothing in use. It also was hard for windshield wipers to sweep clean.

Then, the headlight brows. All they did was rust. The 1957 Chevrolet truck I knew of and occasionally drove, was only used on was a village gofer truck used by the Buildings department. Village streets were not salted in winter; and they didn't even register the trucks - as required by the State. So it was used on side streets only, at least in winter, but the headlight brows rusted. Even though the rest of the truck, 20 years old, had not.

With that, the DEEP contouring between the headlight pods and the hood with its steep power bulge.

And...the pictured truck here, the Cameo model? That pickup bed side is fiberglass. Underneath it was the narrow standard stepside bed.

I'm full of auto nostalgia too; but not all the old trucks were great trucks.

Chevron Tractor Restoration Reserve Champion! California Youth Wins BIG with a 1951 Farmall AV!​

The Central Coast of California produces outstanding young competitors in the National Chevron Tractor Restoration Competition. Shane Brennan restored a 1951 Farmall AV to win Reserve Champion in the National Competition. Shane knows his tractor inside and out, and he learned many valuable lessons along the way. Keep up with future competitors by visiting their website:

Watching that vid...I can't let Ed's PC-Woketard complaining that light trucks were exempted from the government's Kafkaesque regulations on fuel and "safety" pass without remark.

Well, not anymore. Now we have the same insane emissions and fuel and airbag requirements on trucks. And now we have trucks made out of fragile aluminum; MONSTER trucks, to cheat the EPA "Footprint" rule which, for arbitrary standards, makes small trucks impossible to build.

And we have big honkin' trucks with tiny four-cylinder engines and turbochargers. Which, based on early data, don't last (engines or transmissions) nearly as long as trucks of just eight years ago.

Wonder if Ed's likin' THAT.
Vinny is a pretty good storyteller.

Here's how JLo's Spyker got DESTROYED!​

An array of fuel cell power cubes from General Motors will power Komatsu’s massive off-roading mining trucks by mid-decade — each operating with more than 2 megawatts of hydrogen power.

The use of multiple fuel cells to provide power to the massive off-highway Komatsu’s 930E electric drive mining truck is an ideal use case for fuel cells, whose only emission is water vapor. The Komatsu model is the world’s bestselling ultra-class haul truck.

GM and Komatsu will jointly design and validate the technology for debut at Komatsu’s Arizona Proving Grounds around 2026. The fuel cell Power Cubs are assembled at GM’s plant in Brownstown, Michigan.

Tesla issued a recall notice today for 2 million vehicles in the US to address a “defect” with Autopilot, the company’s groundbreaking and controversial advanced driver-assist system. Safety experts say the recall will likely make Autopilot harder to misuse.

Harder, but not impossible.

“It’s progress,” said Mary “Missy” Cummings, a robotics expert who wrote a 2020 paper evaluating the risks of Tesla’s Autopilot system, “but minimal progress.”


Money Talks! Inside The Wild World Of Millionaire Road Racers!​

Dec 20, 2023

Join the world’s top 1% on the exclusive Mille Miglia warmup USA!


What Is An Agro Truck? ▶ The Replacement For Tractors?​

Dec 20, 2023

Within the agricultural industry, there has been a significant evolution in how things are done in order to enhance productivity. Thanks to continuous updates and technological improvements, modern methods in processes like cargo transportation have led to the implementation of new machines to optimize the performance of large-scale productions.

A success story in this field has been the integration of trucks into crop fields, known as Agro Trucks. Join us and discover how these specialized trucks have had a significant impact and greatly contribute to improving agricultural processes, as well as other heavy-duty industrial sectors.



Celebrating 100 Years of Farmall in 2023! Here's a 1951 Farmall Super A!​

Dec 22, 2023

The Fever for Classic Farmall tractors runs deep. When we visited Southern Farm Days in North Carolina, we connected with David Bridgers who has a 1951 Farmall Super A. Just the right tractor for tobacco country back in the day. Enjoy those look at Farmall Farm Power of the Past -- as we celebrate 100 years of Farmall!

Sunday fun with Ed..............

What If: Ford never cancelled Edsel?​

Dec 24, 2023

Welcome to What If cars! In this series we are going to make alternative universe cars, based on my own fantasies or your request!

In this episode, what if the American Edsel car brand was still alive? You know, the brand that only lasted three years but was cancelled by Ford becasue of various reasons, including it's weird design with vertical grill? What would their cars throughout history look like? And would they still use the vertical grill?

Since the 1960 Edsel model had abandoned that grille theme (the 1960 model year was only two months, ending at the end of November 1959) the car would have had to be something very different than what it started out as.

It's not clear what Ford had intended, here, other than a different image. The two Edsel lines' car chassis and bodies were, Ford and Mercury models ("Full-size" but in those years each brand had just one standard-size; the Falcon was two years away). There was nothing revolutionary in them, other than the wacky styling and instrumentation. The automatic-transmission controls in a push-button pad on the steering-wheel hub was the only technological departure from standard...and it wasn't backed up by any new internal operation; it was electro-hydraulic controls (wires operating an hydraulic servo to mechanically work the shift lever on the transmission) so it wasn't really a breakthrough. Just a new gee-whiz control package, and it proved unreliable.

Chrysler and American Motors did far better with their push-button transmissions, a few years later. And, 30 years later, buses with automatic transmissions had true electronic shift control-pads. Only reason they aren't in cars, is, the heavy regulation - AMC and Chrysler took a lot of abuse for daring to deviate from the steering-column lever and shift quadrant; they don't see a need to move from that, now. The heavy floor levers used today only operate electronic switches.

So...where would Edsel go?

It was a marketing level...above Ford and, they said, below Mercury.

Where did Mercury go?

Lincoln has essentially taken Mercury's position as the Upper Tier...basically, moved downmarket.

Where does Lincoln seem heading?

These days, buyers seeking quality don't go to the same makers that proffer crap at lower tiers. They are choosing, either high-status, high-priced models that in the past have delivered value, but today, less so (BMW and M-B) or Japanese models that are less ostentatious but proven long-lived and pleasant to own (Acura and Lexus).

There is no room in today's market for a rebadged Ford with a weird grille. In fact, there's no room in today's design parameters for that weird grille - the reason all cars are shaped like blobs, is to meet the nearly-impossible fuel-economy standards imposed by Leftist governments. The same reason we can no longer have boxy cars like the Toyota FJ, we can't have styling singularities like the Edsel grille grafted onto a Ford Focus.

BIG BRONCO Time Capsule​

First year of the BIG BRONCOS and this 1978 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT is an eye-catcher! We found this stock Bronco at Crusin' the Coast in Mississippi.


CES 2024 - Hottest EVs and Concept Cars​

Jan 9, 2024


Rolling Again After Decades In A Museum! It's the Rare Rumely Survivor known as "Kerosene Annie"​

Kerosene Annie is a proto-type Rumely survivor that dates to the early part of the 20th century. It is part of the JUMP museum in Boise, Idaho and had not moved in years. But to be part of the HUGE Rumely Expo at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion in Rollag, Minnesota, Kerosene Annie was brought back to running condition! It's an amazing story of perseverance and effort. Enjoy! And, don't miss the NEXT Rollag show. Find out more at their website:


The MONSTER That Never Left the Forest ▶ The History of the Mark V Truck​

Jan 10, 2024

Within the heavy transport industry, the forestry sector has always been a highly challenging environment, even for today's mechanical giants. The complexity of its logistics, combined with the harsh conditions of the forests, has made it one of the most demanding settings for man-made machines. Nevertheless, several adventurers have sought to build a worthy rival in the form of a truck for this task. Stay with us and learn about the history of Butler logging trucks.


Gathering at the Roc: Traditional Hot Rods on a 90-Mile Reliability Run​

The rural roads of northeastern Oklahoma woke up to the sound of traditional hot rods when a parade of Gathering at the Roc participants showed up for a ride through the hills of Osage County.

Since 2020, a couple-hundred of the best traditional hot rods and customs from all over the country have headed to a wildlife preserve called Woolaroc for an early autumn car show. In just four years, this relatively small get-together at "the Roc" has been growing in its reputation as the place to be in early October.

More (lotta pics):

So, Cummins can join Caterpillar in exiting the road diesel-truck engine market.

That will bring the American players down to TWO - Paccar and Detroit Diesel.

So much closer to that dream of BATTERY TRUCKS! YAAAY!

SuperLandini + aratro Bordin mezza luna | Girl plowing with hot bulb Landini​


Lanz Bulldog Eilbulldog letzter Start 2021!! Umsetzung ins Winterquartier!​


International Harvester 400 Diesel Twin Engine Garrett Tractor - Classic Tractor Fever​

This tractor was built by Dwight Garrett in 1956 and consists of two International 400 Diesel Tractor engines mounted side by side. The tractor belongs to Harry Lee from Elnora, Indiana who has several custom built #InternationalHarvester Tractors! Two include his custom built "Hillside Special" consisting of 2 Farmall 20 Tractors mounted side by side and his Triple 30, with 3 F-30 Tractor Engines mounted side by side. Visit today for Classic Tractor Fever!

Ed's back.......

What is the Most Influential Car of All Time?​

A classic car connaisseur decides what is the most influential car of all time? But in order to make that final decision, he first looks at all the most important cars made in the previous decades.


This is the list:
pre 1910s: Benz Patent Motorwagen
1910s: Ford Model T
1920s: Austin 7
1930s: Tatra 77
1940s: Willys MB Jeep
1950s: Citroën DS
1960s: Volkswagen Beetle
1970s: Toyota Corolla
1980s: Dodge Caravan
1990s: Ford Explorer
2000s: Toyota Prius
2010s: Tesla Model S

California Bill Would Require New Cars Come Equipped with Speed-Limiting Device​

A California Democrat introduced bill this week that would require automakers in the state to equip new vehicles with speed governors — devices that restrict how fast people can drive.

The technology, if passed under the legislation, would prevent California drivers from going 10 mph or more over the posted speed limit in any given area. The bill would mandate that cars and trucks of the 2027 model year or later that are manufactured or sold in California be installed with speed governors.

State senator Scott Wiener, a Democrat who represents San Francisco, introduced SB 961 on Wednesday to reduce the number of traffic deaths in the Bay Area and in California, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“The tragic reality is that a lot of people are being severely injured or dying on our streets in San Francisco and throughout the country, and it’s getting worse,” Wiener told the Bay Area newspaper.


Corvair, they said, was a portmaneau of "Corvette" and "Belair."

What does that make the OTHER 'Vette that the Big Blue Bowtie sold?

That's right. The CHEVette. Or, if you lived in that era and knew those things, the Shovitt.

You certainly did that a lot in snow. They were more rust-resistant than the VW Rabbit or the Honda of the time, but...again, if you lived in that era, you understood just what a breakthrough front-wheel-drive was.
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