Nearly 100 confirmed dead in Maui wildfire, search efforts continue

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Looks like a fire blew through there to me. Plenty of burnt up trees. You guys are always looking for a conspiracy when there isn't one. Have you never seen a fire before? Plenty of fires everyday happen across the US. one house burns and the house next door is fine, including the trees. LOL.
No conspiracy, but a damn sure lot of very unusual "coincidences"...

such as this bit of logic...

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480 confirmed dead now.

Wasn't there a video during the California wildfires a couple years ago where ecoterrorists were caught trying to cut down an electric pole in the woods using a chainsaw?

More than 1,000 people unaccounted for in Maui, as the search grows dire​

The search for loved ones on Maui following the devastating wildfires has grown increasingly dire as the community grieves those lost in the blazes.

Between 1,000 and 1,100 individuals remain unaccounted for following the Maui wildfire disaster, as of Aug. 22. It's a reduction from the roughly 2,500 others who had originally been reported as missing, as people have been reported safe, according to emergency response officials.

Residents and community leaders are bracing for the worst.


The pedophile knows their pain. He once had a small kitchen fire, almost lost his Corvette and his cat. :ROFLMAO: Would have been a tragedy too, because without the Vette, where would he later keep all those classified documents?

Here he is having sweet dreams of showering with eleven-year-old Ashley.

480 confirmed dead now.

Wasn't there a video during the California wildfires a couple years ago where ecoterrorists were caught trying to cut down an electric pole in the woods using a chainsaw?
I bet the number tops 1000 before it's over... that is if they record the death toll honestly.

That said, this area of the island should be made into a memorial to the victims. Never to be developed.
More evidence and he agrees that it was pretty much as I thought, it focuses on metals and conductive materials. EMF / sub-mm wave weapons. So that would be longer than visible light and into the infrared.


What Really Happened In Hawaii? Tin Foil Hat time.​

This is a post from the Fringe, pls don't delete it as a duplicate...

Lahaina Fire .... FUCK NO!

Explain to me what natural fire gets to 900C (aluminium melting temp) in the open (try it in your backyard, it isn't easy) then only melts the rim of the mag leaving the centre in place unmelted. THEN doesn't peel the paint or pop the tires on a car one space away. This is a sealed area that the kid filmed so I doubt it drove in later.

Screenshot from 2023-08-28 06-48-18.png

Screenshot from 2023-08-28 06-52-29.png

This story is just appalling and likely the WORST ATTACK on the US in history. The government (liars) say between 100 and 300 dead.

BUT the school is reporting that they are missing more than 1,200 Students. DId they kidnap these kids?




It's not a laser people. That line through the church was likely just a Normal copper wire. Under this EMF radiation (likely a microwave) it causes conductive materials to heat up extremely quickly. This is why you can't put metals in a microwave. I am not sure how that fire did not then spread.

"What Was The Root Cause of Maui Fire in Lahaina" CSTT Presents: John Cullen Investigates​

Didn't want to start a new thread.

These Are The Billionaires Buying Hawaii​

Feb 18, 2024

America’s richest have been buying in Hawaii for years, but no one knew exactly how extensive their holdings were. To figure it out, Forbes spent months digging through thousands of property records on Hawaii’s six biggest islands. The results were astonishing: Just 37 billionaires own at least 218,000 acres. That’s 5.3% of the state’s total land and 11.1% of all non-government-owned land—though it is likely even higher given the lengths to which these billionaires go to obscure their ownership. Expressed a different way: Those 37 people, equal to just 0.003% of Hawaii’s total population of 1.4 million, own more than 10% of its land.

With billionaires like Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Ellison buying up so much real estate, locals are wondering if Hawaii is becoming a playground for the rich.


Read the full story on Forbes:

Ex Maui Police Officer breaks his silence​

To all Truth Seekers and Independent Investigators, join me for my next Premiere (with a Live Chat), on Sunday Feb 4th at 1:00 pm PST!

Retired Assistant Police Chief Clyde Holokai clarifies many details with us about the new information we found, including Chief Faaumu's retirement, Commissioner Mark Redeker committing ethics violations (by disclosing confidential information to Pelletier to give him an unfair advantage in the selection process), collusive behavior and actions by Commission members to gain control over MPD, and how poorly Pelletier mistreated Terry Jones and others.

He gives several examples of people like himself being forced out of the department as a result of the "hostile work environment" which eventually earned Pelletier 8 official complaints reported to the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (SHOPO) within the first 8 months of his becoming Chief, including one from Melissa Magonigle, who was in charge of Human Resources and budget and finance for MPD. She is alleging violation of the Whistleblower’s Protection Act, saying there was retaliation for reporting illegal practices at MPD. Her claim against Pelletier has been found to be "substantiated" and will eventually win in court, at which time Pelletier may finally be held accountable for something.
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