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Jazz (female, the smaller one) and Casey (male, 105 pounds plus or minus). They had their names when we got them. Casey turns 12 next month, and we estimate Jazz to be 14. We got her 13 years ago this month, and figure she was about 1 year old when we got her. Both are rescues. Casey is a big goofball, and Jazz is a little shit that learns how to open doors and garbage can cabinets in short order.

Jazz: "Why, no...I have no idea who might have gotten into that bag of pistachios..."

Oh, I'm sorry...were you sitting here? Well, it's my chair now...

I don't know...the toy just kind of exploded. The stuffing went everywhere. It was horrible.

Casey just likes trying to look majestic around the yard...

Our cat died this summer, so we got a couple kittens (Robin, gray and white male, and Spike, calico). Where we live you either have a cat or you have mice.

Robin is in turbo mode every morning, but Spike is always looking for food. Can't keep her off the table.




Ya'll will never guess what I named her...
....😄This is Whitey.
Yep, Polydactylism for sure.
Front paws total 7 a piece-(thumbs both consist of 3 digits each)
While her rear wheels, I mean feet thingies, top out at 6 digies each.
My little bro's Staffi X - Shade, and my Shepherd X - Stanislav
Indeed, both are very good boys.
🤔Well, technically Shade - was a good boy, unfortunately he passed.
Shadow aka Mr. Hollywood aka Sir Eatzalot aka Sir Shitzalot.IMG-20230914-WA0001.jpg
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