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The Camper Truck John Steinbeck drove across America. He wanted to see the country he wrote about in his books but never visited. He wrote "Travels with Charley" chronicling his trip. "Rocinante" is the name of Don Quixote's horse.

This has been one of my bucket list birds. We saw and tried to photograph some Cedar Waxwings we spotted in Wyoming this past summer. We saw them clearly with binoculars but didn't get any decent photos of them.

But low and behold we were watching a large flock of robins in our own backyard in central NM when a few Cedar Waxwings showed up. I knew they wintered here but we have never seen them. AND I got some ok pics of them.

BTW New Mexico is my native home, but this is our last winter here. The political and cultural climate here has just become toxic. We are leaving in the spring for the Heartland and look forward to learning about the flora and fauna of the Midwest.

Enjoy the pics........


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