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Ok, do we need to host pics offsite here or do we get the option to host here once we "rank up" a bit?

From my hike this morning.

I made no manual adjustments to these images beyond convert/resize. The magic of the early morning light.


Fall colors are getting good here.


It was below freezing and the leaves were falling like rain. So were the walnuts. Thankfully none landed on my head.

Frosty tree was glowing.



Frost colors


My wife told me I shouldn't really carry a fixed blade knife when I wear my tux. I just smiled and told her she knew who I was when she married me. Then she winked and pulled her gown aside a little to show me her small folder tucked inside her dress. Yupp, she's a keeper.

Eagle beach Aruba... off to play, there's a diamond place at port exit... offered mrs BE a shot at an upgrade... she says naw lets go play in the sand... love that womanView attachment 835
Go to Eternity Jewelry and see Gary. Tell him the folks at Costa Linda sent you. We buy all our jewelry/diamonds there, and they do settings on the spot. We literally save 30-50% of what it costs in the USA and appraisals always come back spot on. But ALWAYS beat them up a bit. They HAGGLE unlike here. I've left the shop and came back 30 minutes later to get them to come down...they always do...lol. Just time your lunch break in there. He-he
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