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Aug 15, 2023


Travel back to 2018 as we follow the Sam Laud around the Great Lakes.
Been a while..............

Life Lately… A Rescue at Sea and Saying Goodbye 🥺 Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 426​

Aug 25, 2023


We're faced with a rather unexpected rescue at sea unlike anything we've done before, and we continue to explore the incomparable Marquesas Islands. It had been well over a month since we left Mexico, and the time had absolutely flown by. We knew that this moment would come, but we couldn't believe it was already here...the time to say goodbye to one of our beloved crew members. After spending weeks at sea together, the bonds we formed on our Pacific Crossing were so intense. Our life as a little family of 5 had felt so natural and easy, and now that one of us has to go back to "real life" it feels like the end of a very special chapter on Delos. But the only constant in the life of a sailor is change, and we continue on to find one of our favorite anchorages. We find a little beach shack that we turn into a hair salon, and we take full advantage of the unlimited coconut supply.

Orkney Islands to the Outer Hebrides - Chapter 2​

Sep 15, 2023


Hi there!
Follow my journey westwards to the beautiful Outer Hebrides!
This time I again had to put up a fight with that big black gennaker. But everything quickly gets forgotten as I finally reached the shores of Stornoway, the main "capital" of the Hebrides.
We're getting closer to St. Kilda now :)

Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@erikaanderaa/videos

Breakfast onboard! (Behind the scenes on a Super Yacht)​

Sep 17, 2023


Allllll about the breakfast baby! I love breakfast - eating it and making it - so in this video I'm taking you completely behind the scenes of what breakfast service is like on board @motoryachtloon

Lunchtime At Cairo 10/4/23​


Interesting Stuff On Mississippi River 10/4/23​


28 DAYS in the MIDDLE of Nowhere - LIFE AT SEA!​

Oct 5, 2023




Captain Cole takes us into his private room and shows us the tools he has to help command the ship.

The BUSIEST charter I've ever had - Tandem Yacht Charter!​

Oct 18, 2023


We recently had a tandem yacht charter with Loon 180 - it was wildly busy and super fun working with another crew. We had an epic BBQ lunch, double pizza night and visited some stunning anchorages. Drone footage courtesy of @blair_vb as always - some gorgeous shots!
Make sure to follow @motoryachtloon on Youtube and Instagram!

Refuelling Our Ship for an Epic 10,000km Journey - MILLION DOLLAR Voyage!​


Fun at the Annapolis Boat Show and a first look at the Island Packet 439​


We visited The Ocean Race in Genova, Italy!​

The world’s first 3D printed water taxi is on display at the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show. The vessel secured the Guinness World Record as the Largest 3D Printed Boat and according to the companies is “a giant leap toward sustainable transportation.”

The record shows that the vessel is 389 feet in length and 12 feet wide. It is 6.4 tons and powered by two 15 kW electric thrusters. It has a catamaran hull and bench seating plus a foldout boarding ramp at each end.



Nov 14, 2023


Join us as we explore the ship's lifeboat. We go through the life saving equipment and do a full tour.
Taxi to the SS Hughli


Nov 21, 2023


F/V Susan Rose ran aground Point Pleasant Beach early morning Friday, 11/17/2023, just a few hundred feet from Manasquan Inlet. The cause of why the 77ft commercial fishing vessel ran aground in the first place is still unknown as of the date of posting this video. The three members on board were uninjured and were able to jump off the boat and onto the beach. 6500 gallons of diesel fuel were pumped off of the boat. Northstar Marine was the company handling the salvage job. On the next day, Saturday 11/18/2023, a tug boat, the Shannon Dann, was brought in to tow the Susan Rose off of the beach. A smaller tow boat was also on scene which would prove to be extremely important later on that night. The salvage crew worked to repair any damage and pump water off the boat while the Tug applied constant pressure on the bow of the boat. High tide rolled in and the waves along with constant pressure from the tug helped inch the Susan Rose closer to sea. The crew worked throughout the day but progress slowed after high tide, with the next high tide cycle coming in around 11:30pm Saturday night. With the tide back in and large waves hitting the vessel, it started to come free from the beach around 1:30am early Sunday morning. As the vessel was leaving the beach, it immediately began to list and take on water with multiple salvage crew members on board. With the Susan Rose quickly sinking, the tow boat sprung into action and safely rescued all of the workers. While this was happening, one of the outriggers on the vessel fell over and broke in half! The Susan Rose continued to sink into the Atlantic Ocean. It currently lies in around 50ft of water just a few hundred feet from the beach. The cause of why it sank is still unknown. The salvage company stated that the crew on board had checked to see if any flooding occurred throughout the process and had pumps on standby, but no water was present. They believe there was some catastrophic failure as the boat was freed from the beach. The next plan for the Susan Rose is unknown at this point and is up to the owners of the boat and the insurance company.

Phone Service And Being A Merchant Mariner with MSC​

Nov 23, 2023


Happy Thanks Giving Everyone For those who are with family Enjoy your time and for those that are away for work or whatever reason i hope you are able to enjoy the moment.
Much love to Everyone
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A Tugboat Thanksgiving​

Nov 24, 2023


Come along with us as we celebrate Thanksgiving while working on a Tugboat. We are wishing all of you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sailing through the Scottish Sounds! Chapter 5 I Rùm to Oban​


We are now deep into the Scottish landscape. Enjoy the ride, sailing from Rùm island, through the Sound of Mull, arriving the picturesque city of Oban. It got quite windy through the sounds, but what a blast it was, flying the big gennaker through the Scottish inshore coast!

How a Super Yacht Galley Prepares for Charter!​


Back onboard and enjoying the Caribbean!

Laura Dekker: 10 years on after becoming the youngest person to sail solo around the world​

How far would you go to achieve your sailing dream? Dutch sailor Laura Dekker went further than most to become the youngest person to solo circumnavigate the world.

She faced the scrutiny of a critical media, court battles with the Dutch state, psychological testing, the confiscation of her boat and the threat of being removed from her parents.

‘I clung onto hope and just kept going, hoping something would change,’ she recalled. ‘I am quite a positive thinking person so I like to keep going, but I definitely had low moments.’

Laura Dekker and her parents were surprised by the Dutch state’s fierce opposition to her plans.




Nov 28, 2023


Once a year we launch the Free Falling Life Boat. I was lucky enough to be board for it and the captain was excited to film it. We had 4 cameras rolling for this epic event.

BM-201 "CHLOE OF LADRAM" Punching Out Of Brixham | 17/10/2023​


Torren Martyn - 'Calypte - a sailing and surfing voyage' - needessentials​

When Torren Martyn and Aiyana Powell borrowed the 35ft sailing boat 'Calypte' and departed from the east coast of Thailand in early 2022, they had a combined sailing experience of only a few days. The one requirement of their charter was to eventually deliver the boat to Eastern Indonesia. They could learn as they went, get a few friends with sailing experience to help through the tricky bits and pick up as much as possible from them along the way. With this plan, the pair embarked onto the South China Sea, headed up through the Strait of Malacca and around the tip of Sumatra; out into the Indian Ocean on a year-long expedition in search of waves. What seemed like an idyllic journey didn’t come easy. It was difficult to anticipate the challenges of the sleepless nights, the endless rolling and tossing of the boat, the breakdowns, the relentless maintenance and confined space. But adventures always seem sweeter if it really feels like you had to work to get there.


Rollin’ Down The Mississippi River 12/6/23​


How This Little 26' Sailboat Changed Our Lives!​

10 years ago Billy set off from his home town on Long Island in a small 26' sailboat named "Tula". Billy tells the story while we are sailing on our Seawind 1170 "LaurieSue" in 35 knot winds down the East Coast, the same route he took 10 years earlier, and by the end you will see how it all comes full circle.


Ship Encountering 3 STORMS in 2 Day - Cyclone HAIKUI Wrath at Sea!​

Dec 17, 2023

Kinda boring at first (unless you dig towboat stuff) so you may want to skip to the 14 min 12 sec mark for the chowda & bread.


A trip down in the hole “New Orleans”​

Some nice scenery in this one. 33 mins long.

Sailing through The Caledonian Canal - Chapter 6​

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